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There isn't a sound more frightening than the loud clatter of a valve dropping and destroying everything it comes in contact with. HHP carries a wide range of valves, intake seats, exhaust valves, exhaust seats, valve locks, valve guides, valve springs (inner and outer), rotocoils, injector tubes, and head bolts to fit your needs.

Tired of replacing that same badly engineered part with another badly engineered part? Well, so are we! HHP has worked with engineers and manufacturers to make sure you won't have to. HHP sells only the best aftermarket new and remanufactured parts so you won't have to settle for good enough. If you have any questions, our ASE certified techs are on hand to answer even your toughest questions.

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P200010, 4P-5050, 3250386, 2998342, 2741953, 2454324, 20R2646, 20R2645, 1872110, 1835296, 1769918, 1616190, 161-6191, 1604347, 1604346, 159-8655, 142-7341, 142-7339, 132-9976, 10R7658, 10R5985, 10R5984, 10R4359, 0R9537, 0R9536, 0R9535, 0R8881, 0R8628, 0R7637, 0R7595, 0R7594, Loaded, Loaded Cylinder Head, Loaded Cyl Head, Loaded Cylinder Head Caterpillar C15/3406E, C/15, 3406/E, Cylinder Head, Cat, Caterpillar, C15, C-15, 3406E, 3406-E, C15 Acert, 3406E Acert, Acert, C-15 Acert, 3406-E Acert, Cat C15 Acert, Cat 3406E Acert, Cat C-15 Acert, Cat 3406-E Acert, Cat C-15 Acert Cylinder Head, Cat 3406E Acert, Cylinder, Head, Caterpillar C15, Caterpillar 3406E, Caterpillar C15 Acert, Caterpillar 3406E Acert, Caterpillar C-15, Caterpillar 3406-E, Caterpillar C-15 Acert, Caterpillar 3406-E Acert
Condition: New
Freight shipments are available in the continental U.S. only. Overweight items requiring truck freight may be subject to shipping rate change. If a rate change is required, you will be notified after checkout but prior to shipment. Freight carriers charge an additional $100.00 for residential addresses which is not reflected in the checkout price.
Price: $3,125.00

P016392, Caterpillar C15 Head Bolt Kit, Caterpillar C15 Head Bolts, Caterpillar C15 Head Bolt, Caterpillar C15 Bolt, Caterpillar C15 Bolts, Cat C15 Head Bolt Kit, Cat C15 Head Bolts, Cat C15 Head Bolt, Cat C15 Bolt, Cat C15 Bolts, Caterpillar C15 ACERT Head Bolt Kit, Caterpillar C15 ACERT Head Bolts, Caterpillar C15 ACERT Head Bolt, Caterpillar C15 ACERT Bolt, Caterpillar C15 ACERT Bolts, Cat C15 ACERT Head Bolt Kit, Cat C15 ACERT Head Bolts, Cat C15 ACERT Head Bolt, Cat C15 ACERT Bolt, Cat C15 ACERT Bolts, Caterpillar 3406E Head Bolt Kit, Caterpillar 3406E Head Bolts, Caterpillar 3406E Head Bolt, Caterpillar 3406E Bolt, Caterpillar 3406E Bolts, Cat 3406E Head Bolt Kit, Cat 3406E Head Bolts, Cat 3406E Head Bolt, Cat 3406E Bolt, Cat 3406E Bolts, , 7N1961, 7N-1961, 1241854, 124-1854, 9X8904, 9X-8904 ,1241855, 124-1855, 5H1504, 5H-1504, 4D3703, 4D-3703 , 1F9233, 1F-9233, Head Bolt, Head Bolt Kits, Head Bolt Kit
Condition: New
Price: $233.30

No Image Available
P006743, 3044925,Caterpillar C15 Oil Pan Isolator , Caterpillar C15 Oil Pan , Cat C15 Oil Pan Isolator , Cat C15 Oil Pan , Caterpillar C15 Isolator , Caterpillar C15 , Cat C15 Isolator , Cat C15 ,
Condition: New
Price: $81.44

P214844, P214844,P005718, 2818261, Caterpillar Sleeve Assy - Exhaust, Caterpillar, Sleeve, Assy, Exhaust 2818261,
Description: Diesel Engine Parts From HHP Feature: Cost Savings of 30 - 40% Industry Leading Warranty Equal or Better Quality Compared To OEM Fast Shipping -...More Details »
Condition: New
In Stock & Ready to Ship!
Price: $18.58

P005622, Caterpillar C15 Injector Sleeve, Caterpillar C15 Sleeve, Cat C15 Injector Sleeve, Cat C15 Sleeve, Caterpillar C15 Acert Injector Sleeve, Caterpillar C15 Acert Sleeve, Cat C15 Acert Injector Sleeve, Cat C15 Acert Sleeve, Injector Sleeve, Sleeve, Injector
Condition: New
Price: $13.60

P007237, Caterpillar 3406E Head Cup Plug, Caterpillar 3406E Head Plug, Caterpillar 3406E Cup Plug, Cat 3406E Head Cup Plug, Cat 3406E Head Plug, Cat 3406E Cup Plug, Caterpillar C15 Head Cup Plug, Caterpillar C15 Head Plug, Caterpillar C15 Cup Plug, Cat C15 Head Cup Plug, Cat C15 Head Plug, Cat C15 Cup Plug, Caterpillar C15 AcertHead Cup Plug, Caterpillar C15 AcertHead Plug, Caterpillar C15 AcertCup Plug, Cat C15 AcertHead Cup Plug, Cat C15 AcertHead Plug, Cat C15 AcertCup Plug , 3B623
Condition: New
In Stock & Ready to Ship!
Price: $1.02

P005948, 3790174, 2A4429, M-2A4429, Valve Lock, Valvelock, Valve, Caterpillar 3406E Valve Lock, Caterpillar 3406E Valvelock, Caterpillar 3406E lock, Cat 3406E Valve Lock, Cat 3406E Valvelock, Cat 3406E lock, Caterpillar C15 Valve Lock, Caterpillar C15 Valvelock, Caterpillar C15 lock, Cat C15 Valve Lock, Cat C15 Valvelock, Cat C15 lock, Caterpillar C 15 Valve Lock, Caterpillar C 15 Valvelock, Caterpillar C 15 lock, Cat C 15 Valve Lock, Cat C 15 Valvelock, Cat C 15 lock,
Condition: New
In Stock & Ready to Ship!
Price: $0.14

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