MCOH23532562Q | Detroit Diesel Series 60 Out Of Frame Overhaul Rebuild Kit

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MCOH23532562Q | Detroit Diesel Series 60 Out Of Frame Overhaul Rebuild Kit

IMB_MCOH23532562Q_RK - MCOH23532562Q
Detroit Series 60 Engine Overhaul Rebuild Kit

- 2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
- Free Shipping*
- All New Parts - No Core Charges

HHP provides cost effective quality without risk to engine life or performance.
Listed below are a few product highlights of HHP’s Series 60 overhaul kits and components.
  • Pistons with special engineered coatings and precision-machined profile pin bores.
  • The top piston ring is specially engineered for a higher level of performance for this critical ring location.
  • Wrist pins are made of an extremely high strength steel alloy increasing strength and wear resistance.
  • Liners are induction hardened to provide superior wear resistance and strength. A special honing process is also used to improve piston ring lubrication and load bearing characteristics. 
  • Premium gasket set materials are included that are specially designed for heavy duty applications. They also are organized in sets to speed installation time.
Head Bolt Set Cam Bearing Set Rod Bearings
Main Bearing Set
Piston with Skirt
Wrist Pins & Keepers
Liners & Seals
Oil Pan Install Kit
Upper Gasket Set
Shipping: *Free shipping applies to commercial addresses within the continental United States only. Freight carriers charge an additional $100.00 for residential addresses.
Pricing: $2,361.04

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Engine Overhaul Rebuild Kit           

        (6) liner kits which includes
              6 - two piece pistons and piston pins
             12- piston pin snap rings
              6- liners
              6- sets piston rings
              6- sets of liner seals
         (1) Upper Gasket Kit  which includes:
               1-head gasket                    
               1-intake manifold gaskets       
               1-exhaust manifold gaskets       
               1-turbocharger gaskets
          Also included in this kit
                  38- head bolts
                  1- oil pan and oil pump gaskets
                  6- rod bearings
                  7- main bearings
                  1- set of thrust washers
                  6- injector sealing kits           
                  7- cam Bushings               


Two Year Unlimited Mileage Manufacturers Parts and Labor Warranty.


1. Q. Do the parts need to be installed by a certified mechanic?
    A. No. However, the warranty does not cover improperly installed parts, so choose your mechanic carefully.

2. Q. When does the warranty start?
    A. The warranty goes into effect on the date of invoice.

3. Q. What does the labor warranty cover?
    A. Labor costs are covered at published labor rates and standard repair times. Labor is covered for repairs directly related to the warranty.

4. Q. How do I file a warranty claim?
    A. Contact our parts department and they will guide you through the warranty process.


1.What type of piston is used on Series 60 Detroit Diesel engine?

You will either have a two piece (crown & skirt) or a one piece (monotherm) style of piston depending on the model of your engine. Both pistons can be re-used during the rebuild process. Detroit Diesel uses a montherm piston on all it's late model Series 60 engines, while the two piece pistons were used on early models.

2. Where can I get torque specification for my series 60 detroit diesel engine?  

We recommend that you contact your local Detroit Diesel dealer or review your service manual for the most accurate up to date torque specifications.

3. What comes in a Series 60 Detroit Diesel engine rebuild overhaul kit?

In the description tab, you will find a detailed list of what is included in the kit.

4. Can I get a Series 60 Detroit Diesel engine rebuild overhaul kit sent next day air?  

Most times HHP, can send you a rebuild kit next day, however, you will be responsible for the extra freight cost. Due to the weight of a rebuild kit, the charge is usually cost prohibitive.

5. What if I have to return the Series 60 Detroit Diesel rebuild overhaul kit or part?

See return policy tab.

6. What if I have a failure after the engine overhaul rebuild kit is installed?

You will need to contact an HHP representative and make them aware of the failure. The HHP representative will issue an RGA (return goods authorization) for the failed parts. Once HHP receives the failed part(s) a failure analysis will be preformed. The analysis will determine the cause of the failure. If it is found the kit or a part in the kit caused the failure, then HHP will issue credit. If the failure was not the result of a part in the kit, the customer will be informed. The failure analysis process can take up to three weeks.

7. How do I know if I am getting the correct engine rebuild overhaul kit or part?

By inputting your engine serial number into the order screen at the time of checkout, HHP staff will be able to verify the correct parts are delivered. HHP is limited to original build information. If your engine has been modified from the original build please contant an HHP representative for further assistance.

8. When would I expect to see my Series 60 Detroit Diesel overhaul rebuild kit once i have ordered it?

HHP has several warehouses located nationwide to provide the fastest delivery times possible. Average delivery time is two days or less.

9. I can't seem to find my parts on the HHP website?

You can call 1-855-447-7278 or email HHP at and a HHP Representative will contact you to help you navigate through the site and answer any and all questions you may have.  HHP wants to make sure you have a great experience using our website. We would appreciate any feedback if their is anything we can do to improve our site and make your future orders a satisfied experience.

10. I just received my Series 60 Detroit Diesel overhaul rebuild kit, What now?

A. Have clean hands before working with and or inspecting new parts and packages.

Always try to match up your old and new parts before you install.
If the part(s) do not look correct please do not try to install. Parts will not be returnable if the parts are installed. Simply by putting the parts side by side each other will help you determine, many times, if the parts match. Other options are to use measuring tools such as calipers and or micrometers to determine correctness. On some occasions, parts will have improvements made to the old design and there may be slight variations. If there is any question as to whether or not a part is correct you can call us at 1-855-447-7278. HHP is not responsible for any damages caused by an incorrect part being installed. The ultimate responsibility is on the end user or installer.
C. When ordering bearings or if bearings are included in your kit please make sure that they are correct.
Check on the back side of the bearings package, you will see the size stamped or typed telling you whether or not they are Standard(STD), or oversize such as: .010",.020", .030" etc. The bearing size will also be stamped on the back of each bearing shell (STD, .010, .020, etc.), which will also include the part number.  It is always a good idea to measure your crankshaft or camshaft to make sure they are not undersized or had previous machining work done without your knowledge. 

D. Matching up Gaskets.
Most gasket sets have a label on the outside of the box with brief description of what the kit is for. You should check to ensure the gaskets are correct. Head gaskets generally come shrink wrapped to a piece of reinforced cardboard. Prior to opening the shrink wrap you should take your old head gasket and lay it over the new one to make sure it is correct. Other gasket sets that are boxed come shrink wrapped in a cardboard tray. Before opening the shrink wrap on the cardboard tray you should make sure the gaskets are correct. Once the plastic wrap seal is broken, the gasket set is not returnable. 

11. How do I know that the parts showing on the website are correct ones?

A.Have your complete serial number of your engine. If you are unsure of the serial number accuracy please contact an HHP Representative and they can help you with getting the correct numbers.
B.Once you provide HHP with your engine serial number we will verify the part numbers that you are requesting.

12. How do I know if the parts I have in my shopping carts are in stock?

Anytime you place a part in your shopping cart, before you check out, you will be able to see if or if not your part is in stock.

13. When should I expect my order to be shipped?

Part(s) are shipped within 24 hours of the order being placed. If there is any issue, an HHP representative will contact you.

14. How do I know that my order is being processed?

Upon completion of your order you will receive an email confirmation from HHP. After your order ships you will receive another email containing  a copy of the invoice and tracking information

15. What forms of payment does Highway and Heavy parts accept?

HHP accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, Google Check-Out, Cashier's Check, Money Orders and Wire Transfers.

16. Can I pay for my order via wire transfer?

Yes. Please send us an email at or call 1-855-447-7278. You will receive our wire transfer instructions upon receipt of your information.

17. Where is the serial number located on a Series 60 Detroit Diesel engine? 

Detroit Diesel Serial number plate. Locate a metallic plate on the driver's side of the valve cover. An engine serial number will be present, in addition to a model number. Series 60 serial numbers will begin with 06R followed by seven digits. If the serial number plate is missing it is stamped on the engine block underneath the exhaust manifolds.  

18. If I damage one part in an overhaul rebuild kit can I reorder just the one part or do I have to order the whole kit?

You can order just the part you need.

19. What is the difference between a Series 60 Detroit Diesel re-ring overhaul rebuild kit and a Series 60 Detroit Diesel inframe overhaul rebuild kit

A re-ring kit does not include the pistons while an inframe kit does, the remaining included parts are the same. A re-ring kit is a economical choice to a complete inframe kit, and many times is all that is required. However, we highly recommend that the engine is disassembled prior to ordering to insure that pistons will not be needed.

20. Why would I not replace the pistons on my series 60 detroit diesel engine.

Many factors will influence the decision to replace or not to replace pistons such as failure modes, mileage, and economics. If the pistons have been removed from the engine, inspected, and found to be in re-use condition go ahead and re-use them. It's a great way to save money while still addressing engine problems. If the pistons show any sign of wear or damage however, we recommend replacing them.



You may return any part(s) bought from HHP within 30 days of purchase date. Any part and or parts being returned the shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser.  All parts returned will need to be in the original package and in re-salable condition for purchaser to receive full credit. Products which are returned damaged or dirty are not acceptable and will not be credited. All returns must be authorized by HHP. When contact has been made with HHP on returning a part(s) the purchaser will receive an RGA (Return of Goods Authorization).  HHP will not accept any returned parts without an RGA number assigned to the returned part(s).

Please review the five items below to help ensure you receive full credit on any returned parts or packages you may have

1. Parts must be returned within 30 days.

Make sure when the parts arrive that they are all correct. If you need to return the parts for any reason, please contact an HHP Representative at 1-855-447-7278 so a RGA (Returned Goods Authorization) number can be issued. Once parts are returned to HHP they will be inspected and checked back into inventory. This process can take up to 30 days.  

2. Keep it Clean.

The parts and packaging must be free of any dirt, grease, and oil. If the parts or packaging is damaged, your credit may be jeopardized.

3. Keep plastic and shrink wrap on packages to be returned.  

The shrink wrapping or plastic wrap cannot be removed. If removed the parts will not be able to be returned. Parts in sealed packaging cannot be opened. If the seal is broken there will be no credit given. If you have a question on if a part is returnable, please feel free to call an HHP Representative at 855-447-7278.

4. Part(s) must not be installed.

Installed parts are not returnable. If a part fails after installation a warranty claim may be filed. See the warranty tab for more details.

5. Package items securely for the return trip.

If the parts show up damaged, credit will not be issued. HHP is not liable for any items that are damaged by the freight carrier. A claim would have to be filed with the carrier to recover any loss.

Tech Data

1. Why do we need to replace head bolts on a series 60 detroit diesel during an engine rebuild?

Torque turn method is used when the head bolts are torqued. These head bolts are 'torque to yield' bolts, meaning that they are torqued until the point of maximum stretching. These bolts can only be used once, and will fail if torqued again. These are torqued by ft.lbs. and then the final tightening is done with an angle gauge. Detroit Diesel Tech manual states, cylinder head mounting bolts are considered single-use items and must not be reused. Failure to install new bolts when replacing a cylinder head may result in improper bolt clamp load, which could cause gasket failure and severe engine damage.

2. Why would you not replace the piston on a series 60 detroit diesel during an engine rebuild?

If you are looking to save some money this is a great cost effective option, in this kit you are not paying for six new pistons. This is the biggest reason that the cost is lower. With today's latest piston technology most manufacturers and aftermarket pistons are of a monotherm steel piston type. These pistons are made of a heavy grade of steel, which has been known to have a longer life span than the old style two piece articulated pistons. Since the one piece steel pistons have more strength, heat resistance and wear properties you are able to reuse pistons when overhauling and engine. At, the same time, many two piece pistons have an aluminum skirt and steel crown, these type of piston you can reuse the crown and only replace the skirt, this would also be considered a re ring overhaul.

3. Where is the serial number on a series 60 detroit diesel engine?

The valve cover of a Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine contains an option plate that displays the engine serial number, model number and any optional equipment used on the engine. If this option plate is missing, the engine serial number is stamped on the cylinder block below the manifolds. An example of a Series 60 serial number would be "06RXXXXXXX."

4. Background history of series 60 detroit diesel engines.

The Series 60 engine is an in-line 6 cylinder, with wet replaceable liners, overhead cam and electronic engine control. These engines are mostly used in class 8 trucks, but can also be found in industrial and generator applications as well as occasional marine applications. The Series 60 DDC diesel engine comes in 11.1L, 12.7L and 14.1L designs.
There have been a number of design changes to the 60 Series Detroit Diesel engine in the piston assemblies. Although the DDEC series identifies the engine control type and not the piston design, generally speaking that breakdown is as follows:

A) commonly referred to as DDEC I , these “first” generation engines used articulated (2 pcs.) pistons with cast iron crowns, cross head connecting rods, and were not piston cooled.

B) Commonly referred to as DDEC II, these “second” generation engines used articulated (2 pcs.) pistons with cast iron crowns, and cross head “rifle drilled” connecting rods. There were also bushings in the pin bosses of these piston crowns and they were piston cooled. These engines may be upgraded but only if the connecting rods are updated to “trunk” style and the cylinder blocks have piston cooling tubes.

C) Commonly referred to as DDEC III & Early IV, these third generation engines used articulated (2 pcs.) pistons with steel crowns and “rifle drilled” – trunk style connecting rods (pin goes through the eye of the connecting rod). There are no bushings in the pin bosses of these piston crowns. The cylinder kits for these engines include top liner cooled liners.

D) Commonly referred to as later DDEC IV and up, these fourth generation engines used one piece steel pistons and were released in 2003.

5. Types of piston rods used on series 60 detroit diesel engines.

The current piston rods have an oil passage through the center of the rod, these rods are used on engines year 2000 and newer and are used on the 12.7L and 14L engines. The older style 12.7L and 11.1L engines used a rod with no oil passages through the center.

6. Types of pistons used on series 60 detroit diesel engines.

Articulated 2 piece pistons are of the older design, used up until around 2004, these pistons were replaced with a Mono piston made of all steel. 

7. Series 60 Torque Specifications*

Series 60 Cylinder Head Torque Specs:
Prior to 9/2002: 184 - 210 ft/lbs
After 9/2002: 220 ft/lbs. Bolt will be identified with white paint and a groove on top of bolt.

Install the head bolts with special hardened washers, lubricating the threads and bolt-head
contact areas with a small amount of International Compound #2®, or equivalent.
NOTICE: Cylinder head mounting bolts are considered single-use
items and must not be reused.
Failure to install new bolts when replacing a cylinder head may
result in improper bolt clamp load, which could cause gasket
failure and severe engine damage. New style head bolts can be used with the former cylinder head gaskets. The former head
bolts cannot be used with the new head gasket. Former and new bolts must not be mixed.

Series 60 Main Bearing Torque Specs:
Main Bearing Cap: 347 - 391 ft/lbs

- The main bearing caps are bored in position and stamped with position number. They
must be installed in their original positions, with the marked (numbered) side of each
cap toward the cooler (right) side of the cylinder block
-Apply a small quantity of International Compound #2® (or equivalent) to the bolt threads
and underside of the bolt heads. Install the main bearing cap bolts and draw them up
snug. Rap the main bearing caps sharply with a fiber mallet or plastic
hammer to insure the caps are fully seated.

Series 60 Rod Bearing Torque Specs:
Rod Bearing Nut: 118 - 137 ft/lbs


- Install the piston and rods and torque

Misc. Series 60 Torque Specs:
Flywheel Housing: 347 - 391 ft/lbs
Flywheel Bolts: 55 ft/lbs + 60 degrees
Camshaft Bearing Cap Bolt: 93 -108 ft/lbs
Rocker Arm Shaft Bolt: 100 ft/lbs
1 & 7 Camshaft Studs and Nuts: 93 - 108 ft/lbs
Camshaft Driver Gear Bolt: 55 ft/lbs + 120 Degrees
Injector Hold Down: 43 - 49 ft/lbs

*HHP recommends that you use the service manual specifically for your engine model. These torque specs and procedures are for reference purposes only.


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