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Symptoms of a bad water pump include coolant leaks, noise from worn shaft bearings, and overheating caused by a broken impeller. The water pump seal can fail from normal wear and high mileage, depleted and contaminated coolant, and from shaft movement caused by bearing wear. A bad seal can cause coolant to leak past the vent hole or water pump shaft, and coolant can also leak from the water pump mounting surfaces. No matter which water pump you choose, you can be confident that it meets or exceeds OE specifications, so you can expect precise fit and original equipment performance. Why Buy Cummins Water Pumps From HHP?

  • One year warranty on rebuilt pumps
  • No penalty for cores with broken impellers
  • 60% paid on cores with broken drive gears or pulleys
  • HHP has been rebuilding Cummins water pumps since 1992
  • Two year warranty on new water pumps
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