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Diesel turbochargers are fitted on diesel engines to allow the engine to burn fuel by taking more air through the filled cylinders. By adding a turbocharger to the engine, you get more power.

Turbo Chargers are fitted on diesel engines for the automotive, marine, and industrial industries.

We offer new and re-manufactured turbochargers for Detroit Diesel.

A hardworking diesel engine is great, but it's even better when it's supported by the hardworking knowledgeable staff at HHP.

Why Buy Detroit Diesel Turbochargers From HHP?

  • One year unlimited hours and miles warranty
  • Free shipping to you & free core return shipping
  • Re-manufactured Detroit Diesel turbochargers are built in the USA
  • Re-manufactured turbochargers are built to factory specifications
  • HHP uses only the highest quality parts
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