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Heavy Duty
HHP offers an extensive range of kits and individual parts and components for you to rebuild or repair your Heavy Duty engine.

Our excellent coverage includes the following engine applications:

  • Caterpillar: C12-3406-3406E-C15, 3114-3116-3126-7-C9 G3520, G353, G3516, G342, G3512, G3412, G3508, G3408, G399, G3408, G399, G3406, G398, G3306, G379, G3304
  • Cummins: ISX-QSX, N14 Series (N14/NTA14), KT/KTA/KTTA, B, ISB, QSB, ISBe, C, ISC, QSC, ISL, QSLG855, G855BC, GTA12, L10 240/260G, L10280/300G, GTA 8.3, G8.3G, G8.3G Plus, G5.9, GTA 5.9, B5.9G
  • Detroit Diesel: 50/60 Series, 53, 71, 92 and 149 Series
  • International/Navistar: DT360/DT408/DT466/1530/466E/570E/Maxxforce DT, 9 &10
  • Mack:E7, MP8, MP8-415-C, MP8-425E, MP8-425M, MP8-445C, MP8-455E, MP8-455M, MP8-485C, MP8-485E, MP8-485M
  • Volvo: D12A 310, D12A 335, D12A 370, D12A 415, D12B 345, D12B 385, D12B 425, D12C 340, D12C 345, D12C 385, D12C 420, D12C 425, D12C 465, D12D 365, D12D 380, D12D 395, D12D 420, D12D 425, D12D 435, D12D 460, D12D 465, D12D 500, DH12E 340
  • Mercedes-Benz: OM352, OM366, OM366 A, OM 366 LA, OM444 LA, OM 447 LA, OM449 A, OM 449 LA, OM 457 LA, OM 460 LA, OM 612 LA, OM 642, OM 646 LA, OM 647 LA, OM 904 LA, OM 906 LA, OM 924 LA, OM 926 LA

  • If you need assistance, call our professional parts staff to assist you: 844. 215.3406

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    Heavy Duty - Caterpillar
    It all started with someone mentioning a tractor crawled “like a caterpillar”. In the late 1800s Tractors were overweight and under-powered. Benjamin Holt saw the problem of these...More Details »
    Heavy Duty - Cummins
    The name Cummins is synonymous with “Heavy Duty Diesel”. A mainstay in the the industry since 1919, fast forward to 1933, the Columbus, Indiana based Cummins Engine Company introduced the...More Details »
    Heavy Duty - Detroit Diesel
    Don't let their relatively young age fool you. Detroit Diesel has a commanding voice when it comes to power and performance. Before splitting in 1988, Detroit Diesel was once a division of General...More Details »
    Heavy Duty - International / Navistar
    Formerly known as International Harvester, Navistar is a major player when it comes to diesel powered vehicles. The new name for International Harvester isn’t just for agricultural anymore;...More Details »
    Heavy Duty - Mack
    It’s not a coincidence Mack’s figurehead bulldog is known for never giving up and never letting you down… The Greensboro, North Carolina based Mack corporation is one of North America’s...More Details »
    Heavy Duty - Mercedes Benz
    Just the name Mercedes alone emanates power, efficiency, and cutting edge. For over 100 years Mercedes Benz Truck has been a world leader in premium quality vehicles. It’s no secret that you...More Details »
    Heavy Duty - Volvo
    You like riddles? What's 89 years old, lives in Gothenburg, Sweden and produces over 100,000 unit every year?.... Give up?? Its Volvo! You would be hard pressed to not to find an engine volvo...More Details »

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