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Caterpillar C15 Engine Specifications

  • 435/500 hp MT-T4, 455 hp MT-T4, 475/500 hp MT-T2, 500 hp MT-T2
  • Bore: 5.4 mm, Stroke 6.5mm, Displacement: 893 cubic in
  • Aspiration: Turbocharged for ATAAC
  • Rotation from flywheel end: Counterclockwise
  • Cooling system: 5.5 gallons
  • Weight, Net Dry: 2695 lbs
  • Dimensions: 57.2 length, 39.3 width, 49.7 height
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More About C15

C15 has Multi-Torque (MT) Operation For best balance between fuel economy and performance requirements on linehaul vehicles with 80 000 lb or less use the following guidelines:
  • For 9, 10, or 15 speed single overdrive transmissions, gear to cruise at:
    • 1550 rpm @ 65 mph for 410 hp and below
    • 1500 rpm @ 65 mph for 435 hp and above
  • For 13 or 18 speed dual overdrive transmissions, gear to cruise at:
    • 1450 rpm @ 65 mph
  • Maximum recommended engine speed at cruise — 1550 rpm

Aftermarket Improvements of the Caterpillar C15

  • Graphite-coated Piston Skirts eliminate seizing in the cylinder
  • Rod and Main Bearings are constructed from a tri-metal blend for increased durability
  • Induction hardened Cylinder Liners for reduced bore wear

Common Caterpillar C15 Failures

While the Caterpillar C15 has a longstanding reputation of being a solid and efficient engine, the following failures have been reported.
  • Increased Head Gasket failure due to solid relieve slots
  • MBN Serial Number Prefix (2002-2003): high exhaust temps, increased fuel consumption