Highway and Heavy Parts - 4-Valve

We offer cylinder head components (4-valve) that fit Detroit Diesel Series 71 such as valve kits, valve locks, valve springs, valve spring caps, valve spring seats, valve guides, valve guide seats, valve seats, valve bridges, valve bridge adjuster screws, valve bridge lock nuts, valve bridge guides, push rods, push rod nuts, push rod springs, push rod spring seats (upper and lower), push rod spring retainers, follower assembly, roller and pin sets, follower guides, guide bolts ans washers, injector tube kits, water nozzle (single and double) jets, rocker arm injectors, rocker arm valves, injector arm bushings, valve arm bushings, injector and valve arm bushings, injector and valve arm clevis pins and bushings, rocker shafts, rocker shaft brackets and bolts, fuel jumper lines (short and long), fuel connectors and washers, exhaust manifold studs, nuts and washers, water manifold studs and more.

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