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71 Series - 6-71
We offer diesel engine parts that fit Detroit Diesel 71 Series (model 6-71) such as blower gasket sets, blower and blower drive, cylinder head components, engine bearings, crankshaft seals, fuel pumps, governor components, head gasket sets, engine rebuild kits, thermostats, water pumps and more.

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71 Series - 6-71 - Cylinder Block & Base Engine Parts
There's nothing more heartbreaking than getting a phone call from your machine shop telling you that the crack in your block cannot be fixed. You know you are going to be down for a while and...More Details »
71 Series - 6-71 - Cylinder Head & Components
There isn't a sound more frightening than the loud clatter of a valve dropping and destroying everything it comes in contact with. HHP carries a wide range of valves, intake seats, exhaust...More Details »
71 Series - 6-71 - Cylinder Kits & Components
HHP is ready a with the parts you need! We carry a wide range of cylinder liners to fit nearly every application. We have sourced and vetted manufacturers and designers to ensure your parts are...More Details »
71 Series - 6-71 - Engine Sensors
Finally done spending hours tracking down that one sensor that has been holding the whole engine back? HHP is here to help! We carry a wide range of sensors, including oil pressure sensors, intake...More Details »
71 Series - 6-71 - Rebuild Kits
Rebuilding your diesel engine is one of the most labor (and wallet) intensive repairs out there. Ensure your engine will last another million miles with a diesel Rebuild Kit from Highway and Heavy...More Details »