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3406A - Air Intake & Exhaust System
HHP is ready to get your rig breathing right with a wide range of new and remanufactured aftermarket Exhaust Hardware Kits (complete with port sleeves), Exhaust Stud Kits, Exhaust Manifold Studs, Spacers, Locknuts, Washers, Exhaust Sleeve Repair Kits, Turbo Mounting Bolts, Turbo Mounting Locknut, and more!

HHP has you covered with an extensive range of premium parts at a not-so-premium price. When you buy from HHP you can rest assured you don't have to compromise on quality when it comes to saving money. Need help on a diagnosis or just need a torque spec/sequence? HHP has you covered there too! We have a staff of ASE certified techs to help you through every step of the process.

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P009375, Caterpillar 3406 Hard Washer, Caterpillar 3406 Washer, Cat 3406 Hard Washer, Cat 3406 Washer, Caterpillar 3406B Hard Washer, Caterpillar 3406B Washer, Cat 3406B Hard Washer, Cat 3406B Washer, Caterpillar 3406C Hard Washer, Caterpillar 3406C Washer, Cat 3406C Hard Washer, Cat 3406C Washer, Caterpillar 3406E Hard Washer, Caterpillar 3406E Washer, Cat 3406E Hard Washer, Cat 3406E Washer, Caterpillar C15 Hard Washer, Caterpillar C15 Washer, Cat C15 Hard Washer, Cat C15 Washer, 1636586, 8T4896, 5M2894, 2583027, 2M3404, 1490973
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