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Cummins - ISM - Air Intake & Exhaust System
HHP is ready to get your rig breathing right with a wide range of new and remanufactured aftermarket Exhaust Hardware Kits (complete with port sleeves), Exhaust Stud Kits, Exhaust Manifold Studs,...More Details »
Cummins - ISM - Cylinder Head & Components
There isn’t a sound more frightening than the loud clatter of a valve dropping and destroying anything it comes in contact with. HHP carries a wide range of valves, intake seats, exhaust valves,...More Details »
Cummins - ISM - Gaskets & Gasket Sets
Ever get a box with 20+ gaskets just thrown in it? Get two gaskets that look similar but not sure exactly which one goes where? HHP has solved this issue! On top of receiving premium quality...More Details »
Cummins - ISM - Lubrication System
Nothing will ruin an engine faster than a failure of your lubrication system. HHP offers a wide range of seal o-rings, oil pumps, oil coolers, relief plungers, plunger springs, oil pump kits, oil...More Details »
Cummins - ISM - Rebuild Kits
Rebuilding your diesel engine is one of the most labor (and wallet) intensive repairs out there. Ensure your engine will last another million miles with a diesel Rebuild Kit from Highway and Heavy...More Details »

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