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Caterpillar (2) - C15 Acert
Caterpillar (2) - 3406E
Caterpillar 3406E General Specs Fuel: Diesel Cubic Inch Displacement: 893 Cylinder Bore Diameter: 5.400-5.402" (137.16-137.211 MM) Stroke: 6.500" (165.1 MM) Cylinder Config:...More Details »
Caterpillar (2) - C15
Caterpillar C15 Engine Specifications 435/500 hp MT-T4, 455 hp MT-T4, 475/500 hp MT-T2, 500 hp MT-T2 Bore: 5.4 mm, Stroke 6.5mm, Displacement: 893 cubic in Aspiration:...More Details »
Caterpillar (2) - 3406B
Caterpillar 3406B Specifications 325hp 2100rpm and 280hp 2100 rpm 6 cylinder, 4-stroke-cycle diesel Bore: 5.4 inch (137mm) Stroke: 6.5 inch (165mm) Displacement: 893 cubic...More Details »
Caterpillar (2) - 3406C
3406C Engine Specifications Minimum Power: 375.0 bhp Maximum Power: 465.0 bhp Rated Speed: 1800-2100 rpm Engine Configuration: Inline 6, 4-Stroke-Cycle Diesel Bore: 137.2...More Details »

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More About Caterpillar (2)

It all started with someone mentioning a tractor crawled
“like a caterpillar”.

In the late 1800s Tractors were overweight and under-powered. Benjamin Holt saw the problem of these behemoth tractors sinking into the soft dirt and was determined fix it. He attached wooden boards to metal chain in a track system and the issue was solved. Ten years later Holt and his brother were ready to move to the big time. They moved into a vacant factory and got to work, and the rest is history. Today the Peoria, Illinois headquartered Caterpillar has become one of the major players in heavy duty machinery. With a commitment to design and manufacture dependable, sustainable and hard working engines and machinery (and work boots) Caterpillar will continue to be a world leader.

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