Highway and Heavy Parts - General Motors

General Motors is an instantly recognizable name and brand due to its extensive work in automobile, trucking, and heavy machinery work over the last 100+ years. At HPP, we appreciate the time and care put into each General Motors machine; that's why we take the time and care to remanufacture the best aftermarket parts best suited to keep your General Motors vehicle running at maximum efficiency. Our selection of General Motors engine parts is expertly manufactured for General Motors engines to restore and extend your engine's life back to good working conditions. With equal or better quality than the OE, our General Motors engine parts and General Motors diesel engine parts, like the Duramax LLY Turbocharger or the 6.6L Heavy Duty Overhaul Kit to ensure you have the proper fit and function within your General Motors diesel engine to help get you up and running faster. Whether it's an engine overhaul kit, fuel injector pumps and lines, or even the most minor replacement parts, all of our General Motors engine parts and diesel engine parts are remanufactured in a quality certified facility for the best results possible. Don't break the bank looking for General Motors engine parts; our full array comes at the best quality possible at only a fraction of the price. Have more questions about our process? Contact the experts today at Highway and Heavy Parts.