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Detroit Diesel
Don't let their relatively young age fool you. Detroit Diesel has a commanding voice when it comes to power and performance. Before splitting in 1988, Detroit Diesel was once a division of General Motors. Throughout the years Detroit Diesel has proven itself time and time again, not only with innovation but in their reputation of creating a near-bulletproof engine, as well. The Detroit, Michigan based (who would've guessed??) manufacturer strives to not only create and manufacture technologically advanced truck engines and components, they also ensure their employees are more than just a worker, they are family. When you buy Detroit you know you are buying quality.

If you are looking for a high-quality, aftermarket Detroit Diesel part, we have you covered. We offer a variety of engine parts that fit Detroit Diesel engines including our Detroit Diesel Series 60 Cylinder Head, Detroit Diesel Series 60 Inframe Rebuild Kit, and Common Rail Injector.

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More About Detroit Diesel

Our Detroit Diesel engine parts cover the following applications:

50/60 Series, 53, 71, 92 and 149 Series

Our assortment of replacement parts for Detroit Diesel consist of the most complete Overhaul (Out of Frame) and In-Frame Rebuild Kits on the market. We offer multiple kits that match Detroit Diesel Engines like the Series 60 11.2/12.7 Rebuild Kit, Series 60 12.7L Rebuild Kit, and DD15 Inframe Engine Kit. We pride ourselves in supplying high quality, and long-lasting parts that will fit your applications. Our Overhaul Progressive Stages Service Program is designed to meet varying customer needs. You'll receive additional savings and added value with each overhaul stage kit option, ensuring the right level of repair to meet your needs and budget