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The name Cummins is synonymous with “Heavy Duty Diesel”. A mainstay in the the industry since 1919, fast forward to 1933, the Columbus, Indiana based Cummins Engine Company introduced the successful Model H for use in the railroad industry. During World War II the need for powerful and dependable machinery for road construction grew. Cummins answered this call with their N series engine. This engine later became the market leader with more than 50% of the market share in the 1950s.

Today, Cummins has operations in more than 190 countries and territories. Cummins is a world leader in a wide range of clean, efficient and dependable diesel engines and parts used in anything from medium duty generators to 360-ton mining trucks.

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Heavy Duty - Cummins - 6C
Heavy Duty - Cummins - 855
Heavy Duty - Cummins - B Series
Heavy Duty - Cummins - ISB
Heavy Duty - Cummins - ISC
Heavy Duty - Cummins - ISM
Heavy Duty - Cummins - ISX
Cummins ISX Specifications Advertised Horsepower: 385-600 Hp 287-447 kw Peak Torque: 1450-2050 lb-fT 1966-2779 N•m Governed Speed: 2000-2100 rpm Clutch engagement torque:...More Details »
Heavy Duty - Cummins - L-10
Heavy Duty - Cummins - M-11
Heavy Duty - Cummins - N-14
Cummins N14 Specifications Displacement: 14.0 liter, 855 CID Bore: 5.5", 139.7 mm Stroke: 6.0", 152.4 mm Arrangement: 6 Cyl In-Line, turbocharged and turbocharged...More Details »
Heavy Duty - Cummins - QSB
Heavy Duty - Cummins - QSC
Heavy Duty - Cummins - QSK KT
Heavy Duty - Cummins - QSL
Heavy Duty - Cummins - QSM
Heavy Duty - Cummins - QSX

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Our Cummins diesel engine parts and natural gas engine parts cover the following applications:

ISX, QSX, N14 Series (N14/NTA14), KT/KTA/KTTA, B, ISB, QSB, ISBe, C, ISC, QSC, ISL, QSLG855, G855BC, GTA12, L10 240/260G, L10280/300G, GTA 8.3, G8.3G, G8.3G Plus, G5.9, GTA 5.9, B5.9G

Whether you are restoring your Cummins to its original glory or just replacing that leaky oil pan gasket, HHP has you set with a wide range of engine parts that meet or exceed OEM quality and tolerances. You can rest easy knowing you are doing the job, with the right parts, the first time, all while saving a ton of money (enough money that you can now buy your wife that necklace she wanted). Our ASEC certified techs are here to help you with any of your diesel engine needs.

HHP carries a wide range of aftermarket Pistons, Turbochargers, Air Compressors, Ring sets, Crankshafts, Camshafts, Water Pumps, Oil Coolers, Injectors, Gaskets, Seals, and many more engine parts.

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