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Perkins diesel engines have been around for over 90 years and have been a subsidiary of Caterpillar since 1998. You will commonly find their diesel engines in every type of heavy equipment from harvesters, excavators, forestry machines, track and wheel loaders, and forklifts. Whether you find yourself in the agricultural or construction industries, you have likely come across something powered by an impressive Perkins diesel engine.

Perkins Diesel Engines Power the Agricultural Industry

Perkins and the agricultural industry have been peas in a pod for the better part of a century. So it’s no surprise that when farmers and commercial growers need farm equipment, they lean heavily on Perkins diesel engines. The importance of keeping these machines in prime running condition cannot be overstated. That’s why farmers, mechanics, and agricultural organizations come to HHP for premium Perkins diesel engine parts.

Diesel Engines in Construction Equipment

Construction companies rely on Perkins diesel engines for some of the largest jobs. To keep their excavators and loaders running, they also rely on Highway and Heavy Parts to deliver premium diesel engine rebuild kits, forklift fuel pumps, and diesel engine turbo kits at the best prices and the fastest shipping online.

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