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Just the name Mercedes alone emanates power, efficiency, and cutting edge. For over 100 years Mercedes Benz Truck has been a world leader in premium quality vehicles. It’s no secret that you don’t become a world leader just by accident… These trucks are strong, reliable, and efficient.You will find Mercades Benz truck on every corner of the planet. Whether its hauling grain in the heartland of the US or Hauling engine parts in India you know that cargo is in great hands.

Did you know? The 3 points on the star represents Mercedes Benz strive for dominance in 3 different categories, land, air and sea.

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About HHP’s Mercedes Benz selection Our Mercedes-Benz Diesel engine parts cover: OM352, OM366, OM366 A, OM 366 LA, OM444 LA, OM 447 LA, OM449 A, OM 449 LA, OM 457 LA, OM 460 LA, OM 612 LA, OM 642, OM 646 LA, OM 647 LA, OM 904 LA, OM 906 LA, OM 924 LA, OM 926 LA When it comes time to refresh that old worn out engine HHP is here to help! We sell a wide range of new and reman’d aftermarket truck parts that meet or exceed OEM in every aspect. We want to make sure your rig and your wallet aren't down for long. Have a question? HHP has a team of ASE certified mechanics on hand who are ready to answer even your toughest questions.

HHP carries a wide range of aftermarket Pistons, Turbochargers, Air Compressors, Ring sets, Crankshafts, Camshafts, Water Pumps, Oil Coolers, Injectors, Gaskets, Seals, and many more engine parts.

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