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At HPP, we offer a full selection of aftermarket parts to be used with your Volvo. Whether you're looking to replace an old stock model, or upgrade your power, our array of turbochargers like our bestselling MP7/MD11 Complete Turbocharger will increase your speed, reduce your emissions, and withstand the most extreme conditions inside your engine. Or you can upgrade your fuel system with our selection of aftermarket fuel components, like the D12A/D12C/D12D Fuel Injector.

We also offer a wide range of service kets for any of your repair needs, like the Volvo E7 Camshaft Kit if your engine has lost some of its old power, the Volvo D12D Inframe Rebuild Kit for a complete engine rebuild, or the Volvo D12 EGR Cooler Kit if you've noticed your coolant needs more refills than your engine. All of our service kits come at low prices with guaranteed OE quality for long-lasting durability and precision functionality.

Need help on your Volvo Repair? Give our ASE-Certified technicians a call at (844) 215-3406. We are here to help!

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About HHP’s Volvo selection

Our Volvo diesel engine parts cover: D12A 310, D12A 335, D12A 370, D12A 415, D12B 345, D12B 385, D12B 425, D12C 340, D12C 345, D12C 385, D12C 420, D12C 425, D12C 465, D12D 365, D12D 380, D12D 395, D12D 420, D12D 425, D12D 435, D12D 460, D12D 465, D12D 500, DH12E 340
Even the best tools eventually need a little refresh. HHP is here to help when that time comes for your volvo. HHP offers a wide range of new and reman’d aftermarket engine parts. HHP has sourced and vetted manufacturers and suppliers to ensure we only sell the best products at a price that smashes the dealerships. We also have a team of ASE certified tech ready to answer any question you may have.

HHP carries a wide range of aftermarket Pistons, Turbochargers, Air Compressors, Ring sets, Crankshafts, Camshafts, Water Pumps, Oil Coolers, Injectors, Gaskets, Seals, and many more engine parts.

Thank you for choosing Highway and Heavy Parts as your source of Volvo aftermarket engine parts.
Give us a call at 844.215.3406 Our ASEC certified techs will be happy to help with even your toughest questions.