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Fixing your stop is more important that fixing your go . HHP is here to make sure you have the parts needed to stop when you hit the pedal. We carry a wide range of new and remanufactured...More Details »
Air Systems
HHP is ready to get your rig breathing right with a wide range of new and remanufactured aftermarket Exhaust Hardware Kits (complete with port sleeves), Exhaust Stud Kits, Exhaust Manifold Studs,...More Details »
Camshafts & Components
Highway and Heavy Parts is proud to offer the best camshafts and components on the market. Made to exceed OEM specifications at up to 50% off OEM prices, you won't find a better camshaft for your...More Details »
Heavy Duty
HHP offers an extensive range of kits and individual parts and components for you to rebuild or repair your Heavy Duty engine. Our excellent coverage includes the following engine...More Details »
HHP mid-range diesel engine kits cover: Ford 6.0L, 6.4L and 6.7L, Chevy 6.6L and Dodge 5.9L and 6.7L. Our engine rebuild kits are made from heavy duty aluminum, iron and steel...More Details »
HHP offers excellent coverage for you to rebuild or repair your agricultural equipment. Our line of John Deere® diesel engine parts covers 300, 400, 500 & Power Tech (3029, 4045, 6068, 6081,...More Details »
Heavy Equipment
HHP offers excellent coverage for you to rebuild or repair your construction/industrial equipment. John Deere®: 300, 400, 500 & Power Tech (3029, 4045, 6068, 6081, and 6090)...More Details »
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Cooling System
Why risk your engine when you don't have to? HHP is ready to help! We offer a wide range of new aftermarket and remanufactured diesel water pump assemblies, water pump repair kits, idler...More Details »
Crankshaft, Seals, & Damper
HHP is ready to get you back on the road with a wide range of diesel crankshafts, seals and dampers to fit your heavy-duty needs. Still confused on what parts you need, or maybe the torque...More Details »
The name Cummins is synonymous with “Heavy Duty Diesel”. A mainstay in the the industry since 1919, fast forward to 1933, the Columbus, Indiana based Cummins Engine Company introduced the...More Details »
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Cylinder Head
There isn't a sound more frightening than the loud clatter of a valve dropping and destroying everything it comes in contact with. HHP carries a wide range of valves, intake seats, exhaust...More Details »
Detroit Diesel
Don't let their relatively young age fool you. Detroit Diesel has a commanding voice when it comes to power and performance. Before splitting in 1988, Detroit Diesel was once a division of General...More Details »
Engine Bearings
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There's nothing more heartbreaking than getting a phone call from your machine shop telling you that the crack in your block cannot be fixed. You know you are going to be down for a while and...More Details »
Engine Rebuild Kits
Quality engine overhaul rebuild kits are a convenient way to have all of the supplies and parts that you need to completely rebuild an engine. Our assortment of replacement parts for Caterpillar,...More Details »
Engine Sensors
Finally done spending hours tracking down that one sensor that has been holding the whole engine back? HHP is here to help! We carry a wide range of sensors, including oil pressure sensors, intake...More Details »
Fuel System
Down on power? Rough idle? Hard starting even in warm weather? HHP is here to help get you back to running the way you should be. HHP offers a wide range of rebuilt diesel injectors, injector seal...More Details »
Gaskets & Gasket Sets
Ever get a box with 20+ gaskets just thrown in it? Get two gaskets that look similar but not sure exactly which one goes where? HHP has solved this issue! On top of receiving premium quality...More Details »
International / Navistar
Formerly known as International Harvester, Navistar is a major player when it comes to diesel powered vehicles. The new name for International Harvester isn’t just for agricultural anymore;...More Details »
Lubrication System
It’s not a coincidence Mack’s figurehead bulldog is known for never giving up and never letting you down… The Greensboro, North Carolina based Mack corporation is one of North America’s...More Details »
Mercedes Benz
Just the name Mercedes alone emanates power, efficiency, and cutting edge. For over 100 years Mercedes Benz Truck has been a world leader in premium quality vehicles. It’s no secret that you...More Details »
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Piston Kits & Components
HHP carries a wide range of new aftermarket and remanufactured diesel piston kits and components to keep your rig on the road. HHP purchases directly from OEM-suppliers so you can save up to 50%...More Details »
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You like riddles? What's 89 years old, lives in Gothenburg, Sweden and produces over 100,000 unit every year?.... Give up?? Its Volvo! You would be hard pressed to not to find an engine volvo...More Details »
Water Pumps
Maintain cooling efficiency and reduce repair costs. Water Pumps promote positive coolant flow to prevent overheating and prolong engine life.

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