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1825442C92 | Navistar DT466/DTA466 Inframe Rebuild Kit

Pricing: $985.78


Think you know the truth about OE Rebuild Kits? We'd bet you'd be surprised.

If we tried to sell you used parts for your Rebuild, you’d call us crazy. But, if you’ve ever bought an OE Rebuild Kit, you may have unknowingly paid a premium for used parts! Replacing used parts with more used parts!?! That sure doesn't sit right with us. How about you?

When it comes to engine parts, the aftermarket often gets a bad rep. The idea that the aftermarket retailers sell cheap parts with zero warranty, delivered in a beat-up box written in another language is just plain wrong. HHP is here to set the record straight. We only sell Rebuild Kits with new parts, zero core charges, and a 2-Year Parts and Labor Warranty. On top of only offering premium quality parts, we also make sure you save up to 50% off OEM prices. Now, doesn’t that sound more like the parts you should be installing in the biggest investment of your career?

Need a little extra proof? Let’s talk Rebuild Kits.

  • Want to restore your engine to good working condition while extending its life? We've got you covered with a brand new rebuild kit. This bad boy will have you going the extra mile, or an extra million miles with tri-metal construction rods and main bearings.
  • Speaking of durability, you can never have enough. Ever heard of the little engine that could? We bet he had these piston pins, hardened and tempered for improved strength and wear resistance. 
  • Plus, graphite composite head gaskets are included to make your engine tougher than your average Joe. Wondering where this kit is made and assembled? In an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility of course, giving you exceptional quality and consistency. 
  • We don't mess around when it comes to pistons. This inframe rebuild kit features pistons that have undergone computer controlled machining to maintain proper clearances and are CNC turned to precise tolerances.
  • You will get the right parts here at HHP. This rebuild kit is crafted to strict OE specifications, giving you perfect fit and efficient functionality. Adding onto that, quality will meet or exceed the OE's at a much lower price, keeping more money in your wallet!
  • Want to sleep soundly at night? We can probably help by letting you know all new parts are included and there is no core charge. What's better than that? 
  • USA made? Proudly. Sealing products included are composed of 100% Asbestos-Free materials. Plus, correct materials ensures gaskets have maximum performance in functionality and sealability. Additionally, the cylinder liner is made from a high temperature polymer. Does that, "seal" the deal?

Kit Contents

  • (6) Cylinder Kits
    • (6) Cylinder Liners
    • (6) Ring Sets
      • (6) Compression Piston Rings
      • (6) Compression Piston Rings
      • (6) Oil Piston Ring
    • (6) 16:5:1 Pistons
    • (12) Piston Pin Retainers
    • (6) Piston Pins
    • (6) Cylinder Sleeve O-Ring Kits
      • (18) Cylinder Sleeve O-Rings
  • (1) Oil Suction Elbow Gasket
  • (1) Oil Pan Gasket
  • (6) Standard Connecting Rod Bearings
  • (6) Standard Main Bearings
  • (1) Standard Main Thrust Bearing
  • (1) Upper Engine Gasket Set
    • (6) Injector Cover Grommets
    • (6) Rocker Cover Grommets
    • (1) Breather Housing Gasket
    • (1) Air Inlet Elbow Gasket
    • (6) Exhaust Manifold Gaskets
    • (12) Rotator Shields
    • (1) Cylinder Head Gasket
    • (1) Turbo Oil Inlet Gasket
    • (1) Intake Manifold Gasket
    • (1) Turbo Mounting Gasket
    • (1) Oil Tube Gasket
    • (1) Oil Drain Gasket
    • (1) Thermostat Gasket
    • (1) Valve Cover Gasket
    • (6) Injector Nozzle Gaskets


2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty

Technical Data

General Information:
ESN/Prefix: 466/467/468
Model: DT466
Unit #: 439618 & below
Year: 1978-1984
ESN: 75000 to 439618

General Engine Information:
Navistar DT466 Engine Specifications:
Year: 1994-1996
Liter: 7.6
CID: 466
Cylinders: L 6
Bore/Stroke: 4.3005-4.3015", 5.350"
Compression Ratio: 16.2:1
Firing Order: 1-5-3-6-2-4
Comments: Diesel DT466, Mechanical Injection

Tune-Up Specifications:
Oil Pressure At Idle: 20 Psi
Oil Pressure: 50 Psi
Intake Valve Lash: .025 Hot and Cold
Exhaust Valve Lash: .025" Hot and Cold

OEM Applications

  • 1825442C92
  • 1825442C91

Rebuild Kit & Gasket Set OEMs

  • (6) Cylinder Kits,  687433,  687432C91, 1817645C94, 1817248, 1817246C91, 1810359C91, 1802581C95 
    • (6) Cylinder Liners, 1810504C1, 682720
    • (6) Ring Sets, 1817247C91, 1817247C93
      • (6) Compression Piston Rings, 1817182C2
      • (6) Compression Piston Rings, 1817183C2
      • (6) Oil Piston Ring, 1815461C1
    • (6) 16:5:1 Pistons, 1817520C2, 684255C2, 684255C12, 1817179C1, 1811737C2, 1809683C92, 1809683C2
    • (12) Piston Pin Retainers, 326874R1
    • (6) Piston Pins, 670675C1
    • (6) Cylinder Sleeve O-Ring Kits, 680086C1
      • (18) Cylinder Sleeve O-Rings, 675774C1, 680086C1B
  • (1) Oil Suction Elbow Gasket, 671821C2
  • (1) Oil Pan Gasket, 671827C4, 671827C2
  • (6) Standard Connecting Rod Bearings, 681314C3
  • (6) Standard Main Bearings, 684570C93
  • (1) Standard Main Thrust Bearing, 684579C93
    • (1) Upper Engine Gasket Set, 1808973C92, 1817254C96
      • (6) Injector Cover Grommets, 682810C1
      • (6) Rocker Cover Grommets, 677692C2
      • (1) Breather Housing Gasket, 673973C4
      • (1) Air Inlet Elbow Gasket, 686181C2
      • (6) Exhaust Manifold Gaskets, 688928C2
      • (12) Rotator Shields, 681234C1
      • (1) Cylinder Head Gasket, 689650C1, 676108G, 676108C3, 676108C1, 676108, 1819547C1, 1819547, 1806226C2, 1342421C2
      • (1) Turbo Oil Inlet Gasket, 687903C1
      • (1) Intake Manifold Gasket, 682199C1, 682199C2
      • (1) Turbo Mounting Gasket, 670073C1, 670073C2
      • (1) Oil Tube Gasket, 253660R1, 253660R2
      • (1) Oil Drain Gasket, 670079C3, 670079C2, 670079C1
      • (1) Thermostat Gasket, 675384C1, 675384C2
      • (1) Valve Cover Gasket, 675109C3, 675109
      • (6) Injector Nozzle Gaskets, 675477C1


    • P018522
    • P018522
    • IMB
    • New

    Shipping Information

    • Item Requires Shipping
    • 110.0 lbs.
    • W13.0000” x H13.5000” x L43.5000”

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