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179079 | Navistar DT466/DT466E Turbocharger, New

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Availability: In Stock & Ready to Ship!
Pricing: $500.00

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Need more boost?

Nothing is more embarrassing than getting passed by a hybrid when you have your pedal to the floor. It’s time to replace that worn out turbo with something new. Whether you need a stock replacement or are shooting for more power Highway and Heavy Parts has you covered.

Choose balanced, long-lasting power you can count on with a turbocharger from Highway and Heavy Parts.These parts aren't some no-name, knock-off that come from some dirty factory where acceptable tolerances are between “close enough” and “ehh, no one will notice”. We only work with reputable aftermarket suppliers, most of which supply the OE, meaning you can rest assured you've got quality you can count on, a 1-Year Warranty, and savings up to 50% off OE Prices.

Let's keep you spooling into another million miles

  • This turbocharger is built to OEM specifications stricter than a dad with his daughter's boyfriend, ensuring proper fitment and function.
  • You'll never get sub-par parts from HHP!  Each part is thoroughly inspected for fit and finish before being built into the turbo in a TS16949 management certified facility, giving you the quality and consistency your diesel demands.
  • Let's talk about how tough this turbo is.  It is designed with high quality components and tested for maximum durability to withstand the extreme conditions inside your engine.  
  • We know the issues a junk turbo can cause.  That's why this turbo is precision machined to ensure the tightest tolerances.
  • At HHP, we are making sure you have peace of mind with this turbo!  That is why each turbo and cartridge comes with the balancing spec in the packaging, proving each turbo and cartridge is balanced within specifications.


  • (1) Turbocharger
  • (1) Gasket Kit


1-Year Parts Warranty

OEM Applications

  • 144TC21003000
  • 179079
  • 1825632C91
  • 1825632RX1
  • 1826344C91
  • 1826344C92
  • 1826344C93
  • 1826344RX1
  • 1836093C92
  • 2506765C91
  • 2506782C91
  • 4710970003
  • 4710970008
  • 4710970010
  • 751363-0001
  • 7513630001
  • 7513635001
  • 751400-0001
  • 7514000001
  • 7514000010
  • 7514009001
  • T179079
  • 170-025-1712
  • 8G37-100-860


  • P065362
  • P065362
  • In Stock & Ready to Ship!
  • New

Shipping Information

  • Item Requires Shipping
  • 36.0 lbs.
  • W14.0000” x H15.0000” x L14.0000”

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