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Navistar/International DT466E/570E Inframe Rebuild Kit, New

P271336, 1836197C1, 1841296C1, 1842592C91, 1831826C1, 1842350C1, 1842351C1, 1845023C1, 1842588C93, 1842351C1, 1842351, 1842382C2, 1842603C1, NAV1842603C1, 1844447C1, 1850645C1, NAV1850645C1, 2516365C91, 7096520C1, 1876098C91, 1876098C1, 1830060C1, 1874253C1, 1818702C1, 1886563C1, 1817000, 1842115C1, 1817000C2, 1889117C93, 1842566, 1842566C92, 1842567C92, 1842567, 1836020C91, 1842570, 1842570C92, 1889245C95, 1889245C92, 1842648C99, 1889245C96, 1885598C91, NAV1889245C92, 1842106C1, 1844447C1, 1818402C2, 1818402C1, 1820878C2, 1833007C1, 1841574C2, 1842114C1, 1842624C92, AP0026, 1842483C1, 1844934C1, 1830742C92-1, 1842626C96, AP0025, 421105, 1841470C1, 1841581C1, 1880747C1, 1880747C1-01, 1880747C1-02, 1833029C4, MCB1885880C1, 1886793C1, 1886793, 1886793C2, 1842033C1, 1822135C1, 1842105C1, Inframe Rebuild Kit, Inframe Rebuild Kits, Navistar, International, Navistar/International, DT466E, 570E, DT466E/570E, Navistar DT466E, Navistar 570E, Inframe Rebuild Kit for Navistar, Inframe Rebuild Kits for Navitstar, Inframe Rebuild Kit for Navistar/International, Inframe Rebuild Kits for Navistar/International, DT466E Inframe Rebuild Kit, DT466E Inframe Rebuild Kits, 570E Inframe Rebuild Kit, 570E Inframe Rebuild Kits, DT466E/570E Inframe Rebuild Kit, DT466E/570E Inframe Rebuild Kits

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Think you know the truth about OE Rebuild Kits? We'd bet you'd be surprised.

If we tried to sell you used parts for your Rebuild, you’d call us crazy. But, if you’ve ever bought an OE Rebuild Kit, you may have unknowingly paid a premium for used parts! Replacing used parts with more used parts!?! That sure doesn't sit right with us. How about you?

When it comes to engine parts, the aftermarket often gets a bad rep. The idea that the aftermarket retailers sell cheap parts with zero warranty, delivered in a beat-up box written in another language is just plain wrong. HHP is here to set the record straight. We only sell Rebuild Kits with new parts, zero core charges, and a 2-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty. On top of only offering premium quality parts, we also make sure you save up to 50% off OEM prices. Now, doesn’t that sound more like the parts you should be installing in the biggest investment of your career?

Need a little extra proof? Let’s talk Rebuild Kits.

  • Lower emissions, and soot saturation prevention? You get it all with Forged Steel Pistons, which are lightweight, high-strength, and provide a much longer life as they expand and contract less than traditional pistons.
  • Go the extra mile, or a million extra miles-with Piston Pins that are hardened and tempered for improved strength and wear resistance. Ever heard of the little engine that could? We bet it had these Piston Pins.
  • Keep oil where it needs to be with Oil Control Rings designed with precise tangential tension for maximum oil control.
  • Want durability? You got it! Rod and main bearings are constructed with a Tri-Metal material for longevity.
  • Trust the experts with a Rebuild Kit manufactured and assembled in an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility. Simply put, it's quality and consistency you can count on.

Kit Contents:

  • (1) Oil Pan Gasket
  • (1) Oil Suction Gasket
  • (1) EGR Mixer Gasket Set
    • (1) Inlet Adapter Gasket
    • (1) Inlet EGR Gasket
    • (1) Inlet EGR Gasket
    • (1) Inlet Adapter Gasket
  • (1) Oil Cooler Gasket Set
    • (1) Inlet EGR Gasket
    • (1) EGR Tube/Valve Gasket
    • (2) EGR Mount Bolts
    • (4) Breather Seal Rings
    • (1) Clamp
  • (6) Cylinder Kits
    • (6) Engine Pistons
    • (6) Piston Ring Sets
      • (6) Intermediate Piston Rings
      • (6) Oil Piston Rings
      • (6) Top Piston Rings
    • (6) Piston Pins
    • (12) Piston Pin Retainers
    • (6) Cylinder Liners
    • (6) Crevice Seals
    • (6) Piston Cooling Jet Kits
      • (6) Cooling Tubes
      • (6) Bolts
      • (6) O-Rings
  • (6) Main Bearings
  • (1) Main Thrust Bearing
  • (6) Rod Bearings
  • (1) Cylinder Head Gasket Set
    • (1) Breather Seal Ring
    • (1) Breather Seal Ring
    • (2) Seals
    • (1) O-Ring
    • (1) Turbo Mounting Gasket
    • (4) Turbo Mounting Nuts
    • (1) Seal Ring
    • (6) Injector Seal Kits
      • (6) Lower Injector Seal Rings
      • (6) Upper Injector Seal Rings
      • (6) Seals
    • (1) High Pressure Oil Kit
      • (6) Inlet Injector Seal Rings
      • (1) Seal Ring
      • (6) Inlet Injector Back Up Rings
      • (6) Inlet Injector Back Up Rings
      • (6) Inlet Injector Back Up Rings
    • (26) Head Bolts
    • (1) My 2004-2006 Head Gasket
    • (1) Exhaust Manifold Gasket
    • (1) Intake Manifold Gasket
    • (1) O-Ring Seal
    • (1) Breather Seal Ring


2-Year Parts and Labor Warranty

Technical Data

Fits Applications:
Navistar/International DT466E/570E

Navistar DT466E Engine Specifications:
Year: 2005-2014
Liter: 7.6
CID: 466
Cylinders: L 6
Bore/Stroke: 4.3005-4.3015", 5.350"
Compression Ratio: -
Firing Order: 1-5-3-6-2-4
Comments: Diesel Maxx Force, EGR 4 Valves per Cylinder Head

Tune-Up Specifications:
Oil Pressure At Idle: -
Oil Pressure: -
Intake Valve Lash: .019"
Exhaust Valve Lash: .019"

OEM Applications

  • 2516361C91


  • P271336
  • P271336
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  • New

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