Highway and Heavy Parts (HHP) is pleased to announce the addition of a wide range of new products to their existing line of diesel engine components. These new products include an array of cost-saving components for Caterpillar's C15 ACERT, C13 and D3500 applications, Detroit Diesel’s Series 60 model, and Cummins’ KT engine. The addition of these new products to HHP’s extensive catalogue of parts has helped them expand their coverage of diesel engine applications and better serve the needs of the heavy highway industry.

Caterpillar C15 ACERT – To expand their coverage of Caterpillar's C15 ACERT engine, HHP now carries cylinder kits (MCB3067460), inframe kits (MCIF3067460) and overhaul kits (MCOH3067460). Inframe kits come with gasket sets (MCBC15212) along with high-temperature turbo mounting studs and nuts, new exhaust sleeves and a new isolation type oil pan seals. Also available for the C15 engine are cylinder head bolt kits that include high-strength US made bolts (1241854, 1241855) and washers/spacers (5H1504).

For the popular D3500 engine model, two new valve rotocoils (3165978 and 3165979) are now available, which can be used on intake and exhaust valves with 3/8” and ½” valve stems. HHP carries a wide range of valve train options (5S1220 and 1021561) for extended coverage of camshafts as well.

New high strength taper lock turbo mounting studs (2459750) are also available for C13 engine applications.

Cummins KT – To compliment their existing line of Cummins components, HHP is now stocking valve rotocoils (3640315) for K19, QSK19, K38, QSK38, K50 and QSK50 series engines.

Detroit Diesel Series 60 – To round out their coverage of DD applications, HHP has extended their coverage of the popular Series 60 engine model with the addition of intake/exhaust/injector adjusting screw assemblies (23520818 / 23537089 / 23520820) as well as intake/exhaust/injector arm pin & roller kits (23532937PR / 23538247PR / 23513939PR).

 To learn more about diesel engine parts contact Highway and Heavy Parts (HHP) at 844-304-7688 and speak with one of their qualified professionals. HHP specializes in rebuild kits, cylinder heads, camshafts, crankshafts, fuel injectors, turbochargers, and gasket sets for diesel engines. Coverage includes: Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel and International engines for On-highway, Off-highway, Marine, Power Generation and Natural Gas Markets.