With the boom in oil and gas production the Caterpillar 3512 series engine has been in increasing demand. The 3512 series engine is not new to the diesel market. It can be found in many different applications such as generators, off-road trucks, boats, and even locomotives. It has been used to power machines in nearly every industrial market. The 3512 has currently found the highest rate of usage in the Gas Compression, Land Drilling, Land Production, Offshore Drilling and Offshore Production industries. The current increase in use can be contributed to the oil and gas booms in both North Dakota and Pennsylvania.  

The 3512 is a four stroke, liquid cooled, turbocharged engine with a displacement of 3158 cubic inches. With a cylinder size of a 6.7” bore, 7.5” stroke, and 13.5:1 compression ratio make the 3512 capable of producing up to 2500 bhp @ 1900 rpm. A 3512 running at full load can consume nearly one hundred gallons per hour. A 3512 can be ordered in varying configurations but average shipping weight around seven tons. The size of the 3512 is approximately nine feet long, six feet wide and seven feet tall.

The capacities of the 3512 will vary slightly depending on the variation ordered and the market it is being used in. The cooling system of the 3512 will hold 43 gallons of coolant. The lubrication system holds 89 gallons of oil and required changing every 1000 hours.

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