Detroit Diesel has released a new piston design for use in current and older model Series 60 14L engines. The new piston has a longer skirt and a new design to the 2nd compression ring. The new piston (P/N: 23537126 ) has a skirt length of 65.3 mm compared to the old piston (P/N: 23533282 ) skirt of 57.3 mm. The 2nd compression ring has been changed from a keystone design to a rectangular design. A new ring set part number has been created to service the new piston design (P/N: 23537529 ). See Figure 1 for details.

The old piston design has not been superceeded to the new piston. The older style will remain a serviceable part. The pistons are not inter mixable in the same engine application due to weight differences. If the pistons were intermixed an engine vibration may result. Remanufactured engines will come equipped with the new pistons installed. Engine overhaul kits purchased from Detroit will also include the new pistons.

Detroit Diesel Series 60 14L Piston