Near the end of 2004 International Navistar made a change in the DT466E and DT530E cylinder liner o-ring configuration. They moved from the "old" style liner that used both an o-ring and crevice seal to the "new" style liner that just uses a crevice seal. Navistar introduced a new o-ring kit (Part# 1822322C93) that includes both the o-ring and crevice seal to cover both the old and new designs. The new style single groove cylinder sleeve uses only the large (orange) crevice seal.

DT466, DT530 Old Style LinerDT466, DT530 New Style Liner

Old Style Liner                                                                                                    New Style Liner

1. Crevice Seal (orange)                                                                                     1. Crevice Seal (orange)

2. Bottom O-Ring