Consumer cars have recently been trending toward achieving higher MPG and using alternative fuels. In turn, the government has mandated that the trucking industry make certain improvements to increase fuel efficiency. Let’s take a look at some of the progress in what manufacturers are doing to increase the efficiency of big rigs, more specifically let’s look at the SuperTruck.

Daimler is leading the pack in new fuel efficient SuperTrucks. Their trucks average over 12 MPG. This is 115% increase compared to the average 2009 truck. This is done by incorporating aerodynamic parts on the body of the SuperTruck and trailer. Also the grille on the front of the truck has movable shutters to enhance aerodynamics and to ensure the truck receives enough cool air. The SuperTruck also comes with Freightliner’s Intelligent Power train Management system; this incorporates digital maps to time shifting which will create a more efficient truck. These enhancements could change the trucking industry forever, and lead them in the right direction to maximize fuel efficiency. 

The federal government has put in force new regulations for all vehicles on the road. Heavy-duty trucks must achieve an increase in fuel efficiency of 10-20% by 2018. On top of this truck manufacturers are going to be asked to regulate their vehicles to abide by the same improvement regulations as passenger cars by the year 2025. Some may think trying to find an alternative fuel source in the next few years will greatly enhance the fuel problem, however it is unrealistic that an alternative fuel source will not only be found, but be put to use in just a few years. This is why it is important for truck manufacturers to continue their efforts to improve their MPG on all trucks, and Daimler is on the right track.

Daimler has already exceeded the goal set for 2018; however, these SuperTrucks are not in use yet. There are still a number of improvements that need to be achieved for Daimler SuperTrucks to be ready for the highway. These SuperTruck improvements are well needed and are bound to be seen in the near future. We’ll keep you updated on the changes in the trucking industry. In the mean time, consider increasing the fuel efficiency in your truck!

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