Ways to Keep Your Turbocharger Healthy


As I'm sure you know, turbochargers are a key component of a diesel engine. (You can learn more about them in our general guide!) They produce higher power outputs and improve the efficiency of the engine. Not to mention that they are extremely exhilarating! Whenever your engine runs, your turbo is being put to work. Making sure your turbos run smoothly and effectively can help make your engine last longer, so it should be high on your list of priorities. Check out these easy tips to help keep your turbo healthy for the long haul! 


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Clean Oil

You obviously want clean oil going through your engine, and your turbocharger is no different. You probably know how important it is to change your oil to protect your engine, however, dirty oil will harm a turbocharger faster than any other part of the engine. This is primarily because they can spin as fast as 112,000 rpm, and engine oil is the only thing that keeps the turbo lubricated. This layer of lubrication is the only thing that prevents metal on metal contact. Metal on metal contact could create huge problems inside your turbo, so it's important to regularly change your oil to make sure your diesel engine is running smoothly.

Clean Air Filter

Along with clean oil, it's also important to have clean air filters. A clean air filter will help you maintain a clean engine and prevent soot and other debris from becoming a larger issue within the engine. Remember to change your oil and replace your air filters not only to save your turbocharger, but the engine of your diesel truck as well.

Slower Acceleration

When you are driving, it's important to realize stomping on the throttle can be quite taxing on your turbocharger. This will make it work harder and wear out faster than it should be. Try to avoid having a lead foot, and try to slowly accelerate to get the truck up to speed. This will help the turbochargers on your truck work better, last longer, and stay healthy.

Cleaning Your Turbocharger

Cleaning your turbocharger can also help it to last longer. Soot and carbon can build up in your turbocharger, potentially causing it to stick and to produce an erratic performance. This is a major problem that can permanently harm your diesel turbocharger. So how do you clean your turbocharger? Well, there are a few products that are currently on the market that you spray through the air intake, and will lock onto soot particles and break them down to keep you turbo running smoothly. These products can help your turbo to run for many more miles.


To keep this key component of your engine in prime condition, it's important to be proactive. Clean oil, clean filters, and having a light foot will greatly enhance the life of your diesel turbocharger, as will cleaning the turbo itself. Remember that turbochargers are sensitive pieces of equipment and need to be taken care of.

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Originally posted August 4, 2015; Edited July 29, 2019