A. Gasket failure caused by assembly errors – use of sealant/glue

Complaint: Oil pan gasket leaks and comes apart. The following pictures show the oil pan gaskets were installed using a glue/sealer.

Conclusion: Use of any type of glue or sealer on this type of pan gasket will cause oil leaks and gasket failure. Gasket should be installed on a clean dry surface. 

B. Gasket failure caused by using adhesive

Claim: Gasket split.
Observations: Inspection revealed there has been gasket sealer applied to the gasket. Both sides of the gasket are “sticky” to the touch. Application of gasket adhesives is not recommended as it can cause the gasket to be over loaded particularly around the bolts where the flange pressures are at the highest. The adhesive will not allow the gasket to conform properly to the flange surfaces and will cause the gasket to tear or split as observed in the gasket sent for evaluation. 

Gaskets must be installed completely dry. If adhesives are needed to temporarily hold the gasket in place during assembly, it is recommended the adhesive be used sparingly and placed away from bolt holes.