Seals Failure Analysis

Do you have an oil leak happening in your diesel engine? Not sure where it's coming from?

There's a chance that your oil leak is happening because of poor seals that allow oil to leak into your engine. 

As you probably know, an oil leak can lead to excessive oil consumption, which not only can cost you money, but can cause other failures in your engine. If you're worried that your diesel engine is consuming a lot of oil but aren't sure why, check out our post, Excessive Oil Consumption Explained.

Check out the pictures below to see if a seal failure could be the cause of your oil leak.

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Seal Failure Caused by Installation Error

The following two pictures show two locations on the seal that are damaged and provide a leak path for oil. The cause of failure, oil leak, is the result of the damage to the seal during assembly. 


seals failure points of failure | Highway & Heavy Parts

To help avoid this issue, it's very important that care is taken during the installation process. Like with any other diesel engine repair job, make sure the area and components are clean to avoid contamination. This helps prevent failures down the road.

Curious about other kinds of sealing failures? Check out our post on block gasket failures and see if this might be what's going wrong in your diesel engine. 

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Originally Posted November 17, 2015; Edited March 6, 2020