Valve Guides Failure Analysis

 Are you experiencing a failure in the valve guides of your diesel engine, but aren't sure why? We're here to take you through some of the reasons you might be having problems with the valve guides in your diesel engine. 

It's also possible to prevent some of these issues through proper maintenance of your diesel engine. Take a look at the failures below to learn what you can do to keep your valve guides operating at their best. 

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Valve and Valve Guide Wear Caused by Poor Maintenance 

The first picture below highlights the wear in the lower part of the valve guide closest to the valve head. The second picture shows the heat discoloration on the lower part of the guide that was caused from excessive heat. This excessive guide wear most likely occurred from improperly set valve bridges and maintenance issues.


valve guide wear poor maintenance | Highway & Heavy Parts


Valve Wear Caused by Misadjustment

The picture below shows the seat wear on one of the valves. Most of the valves in this instance had similar wear, while a few had even more severe wear.


Valve Wear Caused by Misadjustment | Highway & Heavy Parts
Valve seat wear will reduce valve lash and effect when a valve opens and closes. This can change timing. It also affects scavenging, valve overlap, and both valve and valve seat cooling. Lack of proper scavenging can also cause excessive heat buildup in the exhaust ports and damage the valve guides. If there is a variation in wear of the two valves that share a common crosshead, it can create side loading of the valves and wear in the valve stems. Crossheads must also be inspected prior to installation for both wear and orientation. 
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Originally Posted November 18, 2015; Edited March 13, 2020

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