Piston Pin Failure Analysis

Poor lubrication can cause a lot of problems in your diesel engine. Your piston pins are no different. 

If you notice damage on your piston pins, there's a chance that your engine might not be properly lubricated. How do you know if the damage to the pins is caused by improper lubrication? We'll show you!

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Piston Pin Failure Caused by a Lack of Lubrication

In the image below, we see a damaged piston. As we mentioned above, it's likely that a lack of proper lubrication is the cause of the galled and worn piston pin.
galled and worn piston | Highway & Heavy Parts


Improper lubrication can cause damage to your entire diesel engine. Read our post to learn how poor lubrication affects your turbocharger.


Replacing Your Piston

If you have a failure in your diesel engine, you're probably thinking about replacing your diesel engine pistons. You might even be wondering if you can save some money by reusing your pistons. But how do you know if that's an option for your engine?

If you're considering this route,  you should think about these questions before purchasing a rebuild kit:

  • Why are you rebuilding your engine?
  • How many miles are on your engine?
  • How long do you intend to keep your engine?
  • How much money have you put toward the rebuild? 
  • What application do you use the engine for? 

In the end, if your pistons are damaged in any way, you'll want to replace them. Even if they aren't that bad, you'll be saving yourself time, money, and headaches later on if you just replace them while you already have your engine apart. You want to make sure you can rely on your entire system.

Read our article to learn more about reusing your pistons during an engine rebuild. 


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Originally Posted November 18, 2015; Edited April 3, 2020