Connecting Rod Failure Analysis

We get it. When something goes wrong in your diesel engine, you want to get it fixed and get back on the road right away. 

Sometimes it's tempting to do the quickest or least expensive fix just to get going again.

Within your diesel engine, there are many different components that can fail or cause you problems, including your connecting rods. It's important that when you're working on your engine, you replace all affected parts, otherwise you're likely to have more problems down the road. When you're paying for a repair, you want to make sure it's done thoroughly, otherwise you'll just end up paying for it again. That's why proper diagnosis is so important. 

In this failure analysis, you'll see what happens when not everything is updated in an overhaul. 

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Cylinder Kit Failure From Lack of Proper Lubrication

We've talked about improper lubrication before. It can wreak havoc throughout your diesel engine. The following pictures show you what can happen to your cylinder kit.

The first two pictures show the spun connecting rod bearings.

Spun Connecting Rod Bearing | Highway & Heavy Parts

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The next picture shows the lower part of the connecting rod that holds the rod bearing. Note that the rod is not drilled for an oil feed hole to the piston pin.

Lower Connecting Rod | Highway & Heavy Parts
The connecting rod was not updated at the time of overhaul to the recommended drilled rod. The rod bearing failure was caused by lack of proper lubrication. 
As you can see, not only is it important to ensure your engine is properly lubricated, but you also want to replace or update all recommended parts during an overhaul. Otherwise, you can run into significant problems down the road.
When you're completing an engine overhaul, you want to make sure you're choosing the right kit for your diesel engine. If you're wondering how to know what you need, check out our post on how to choose an engine rebuild kit

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Originally Posted November 19, 2015; Edited April 10, 2020

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