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Additional Waukesha VHP Gasket Sets

The two newest entries enable quality and cost effective top end overhaul on the 8.5 inch bore 16 and 12V engine models.


Single Head Replacement Set:

FT895G, L5108G, L5790G

F2895GL, L5108GL, L5790GL Lean Burn




Each gasket set features:

1. A steel reinforced rocker cover gasket

2. Copper flashed exhaust gaskets containing high-temperature rated water seals.

3. A graphite composite cylinder head gasket with steel reinforcement.

4. Intake manifold gaskets with expanded steel core construction.

5. High temperature rated "Viton" seals.


Expanded Coverage for High Horsepower Cummins QSK45/QSK60





Building onto our high horsepower offerings, we now carry gasket sets for the QSK45/QSK60 engine models. These high displacement models utilize system oriented modular gasket sets designated by engine "quadrant" location. Our offering includes the cylinder head sets as well as the aftercooler gasket sets. Both are needed for a top end engine overhaul.

*Look for more modular sets coming soon.


QSK60-HPI Injection: Quadrant Cylinder Head, Engine QTY-4

Quadrant Aftercooler Gasket Set, Engine QTY-4

QSK60-Common Rail Injection: Quadrant Cylinder Head, Engine QTY-4

Quadrant Aftercooler Gasket Set, Engine QTY-4

QSK45-HPI Injection: Quadrant Cylinder Head, Engine QTY-4

Quadrant Aftercooler Gasket Set, Engine QTY-4

Single Cylinder Head Gasket Set, Engine QTY-4

More individual High Horsepower Cummins Components Now Available



This optional service gasket (oil pan adaptor gasket) is a metal carrier edge molded assembly for use on K/QSK19 engines.

This new style construction helps eliminate oil leaks at the block to adaptor joint on problematic units in service. By design the metal carrier portion eliminates uneven clamping load at the mating surface.

Expanded Coverage of Cummins ISX Fuel Injection Kits



Expanding our Cummins ISX coverage, we are now offering External Seal Kit for popular Cummins ISX injectors. This comprehensive kit contains the lip type seal for the plunger, the spiral locking pin, o-ring kit and both filter screen to service a single injector.


Additional Cummins Components



Use this thermostat kit to service the increasingly popular Common Rail INjection ISB/QSB 6.7L and 4.5L engines meeting Tier III and IV emissions. This kit is comprised of one vented thermostat and a mounting seal ring.

Aftertreatment Assembly Gaskets



The above pictured gaskets are used when servicing and inspecting the after treatment assemblies on the two most common sized particulate filters used on Mid-range to Heavy Duty Cummins Automotive models.

These gaskets are designed to withstand the high temperatures generated in these devices. Unlike some competitive gaskets which are constructed from laminated gasket material, these gaskets use graphite composite with wire mesh reinforcement similar to the OEM construction.


New Items Added for Caterpillar G3500



This high temperature, USA manufactured alloy valve seat is applicable to G3500 engines operating on landfill gas.

This seat has a swirl plate cast in for proper air mixture in these demanding applications.

The Intake Valve Sear is found in "low restriction swirl" configuration cylinder heads. We offer the Valve seat for large swirl applications, too.



We are now offering the "clipped corner" camshaft cover press in place Seal for popular Caterpillar 3500 engine applications. These new seals can be found in many later model 3500 models.


Additional Caterpillar D3400 and G3400 Parts



Now available is a Bridge Valve for use in Caterpillar G3406 applications that have been updated to the "long" style cylinder head. These new bridges are floating design and don't rest on a dowel like the previous versions. It can also be found in certain D3408 and D3412 applications that use the floating bridge design.



We are now offering connecting rods for the popular C15/C18 engines. These are new rods and a core deposit or exchange is not required. Four high strength bolts are included with the assembly for a complete replacement of the component.




Also available for C18/C32 engine application, we offer Cylinder Liner and Liner Seal Kits. Unlike other cylinder liners on the market, this cylinder liner is manufactured with high strength alloy material for superior wear and strength for this demanding application.

The Liner Seal Kit contains the seals and filler band needed to install one cylinder liner in an engine block.


Navistar DT466E Injector Harness Now Available



We are now offering the Internal Injector Harness used on Navistar applications found in DT466E engines for 1994-1999 model years.

This one piece harness features a metal carrier attached to the wiring harness with meral spill deflectors. This can also be used for replacement of the harness used on the 2000-2003 model year engines.