The Cylinder Head is on of the most important pieces of your engine, and engine repairs due to a faulty cylinder head are time consuming and expensive. So, what goes into one of HHP's remanufactured Cylinder Heads? Keep reading to find out. 

      When HHP recieves a core Cylinder Head to be remanufactured, the step is to remove and throw away all the valves, springs, retainers, keepers, valve seats and injector tubes. The cylinder head is then cleaned and prepared for the repair process, and is then heated in a controlled environment to a temperature in excess of 1000 F.  At this point any cracks or imperfections are repaired by a process of re-forging. This process is done by a trained welder introducing molten cast iron to the area to be repaired at the same time the parent metal is flowing together to make a homogeneous bond.
The cylinder head is then cooled at a controlled rate that has been proven to eliminate crack formation, and is machined and set to manufacturers specifications using all NEW parts on assembly.

      So, what does this mean to you? Essentially, this means that you can feel comfortable installing a HHP cylinder head on your engine knowing it has been repaired the right way, using all new quality parts, set to OEM specifications and is warrantied for a full 12 months! Due to our ability to repair the cylinder heads we will give core forgiveness on such things as cracks and dropped valves. This is why it pays to source your parts from HHP! We have our customers best interest in mind.