The Pros and Cons of Aftermarket Diesel Engine Parts


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Here at Highway and Heavy Parts we sell aftermarket diesel parts. An aftermarket part is any part not sourced through the trucks manufacturer. One of the questions that we get asked nearly every day is if the diesel parts we sell are as good as the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

You hear us talk about the pros of aftermarket diesel engine parts all the time, especially from a quality supplier like Highway & Heavy Parts. But, even we'll admit that there can be some cons. Today, we'll be taking a look at the pros and cons of using aftermarket equipment in your diesel engine.

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The diesel parts we sell are typically 30% or less than the respective OEM part, without any sacrifice of quality.

“How is that done?” you ask.

OEM dealers have tremendous overhead costs. The way they cover these costs is by charging higher parts prices, as well as labor rates. They need to charge more to keep a vast network of branches going.



Quality is not sacrificed on any of the aftermarket diesel parts we sell. In some cases, our diesel parts are equal to or exceed the OEM parts specifications. We pull from a list of preferred vendors that we have acquired from being in the diesel parts business for over 30 years.

Many of the diesel parts we sell are purchased from the same manufacturer as the OEM buys from. It’s important to remember that most of the OEMs have outsourced their diesel parts manufacturing. HHP’s focus on quality keeps our customers coming back for the best value.



Aftermarket parts warranty from HHP is typically equal to, or, in some cases, up to four times longer than the OEM. The aftermarket manufacturers know that they are in tough competition with the OEMs in the diesel parts market. For this reason they offer much more extensive warranties to help persuade people to buy. This is great news for you, the customer.

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Availability with aftermarket diesel parts is unique in that many times we can offer the part you need from more than one vendor. That means greater selection and faster shipping nationwide.



The cons for buying aftermarket diesel engine parts include: Quality and Warranty. We know, you're probably saying right now, “whoa, didn’t you just tell me that two of the pros are quality and warranty?”

To be fair, you're right, we did. But we can explain.

The quality of aftermarket diesel parts is all over the board. You need to be careful you’re buying from a reputable source that’s been in the business and knows how to judge good diesel parts from bad ones. HHP has done that for you.

Warranty is also a con in the sense that all warranties, OEM or Aftermarket operate the same way. The diesel part needs to get sent in to be inspected before the warranty claim will be paid. The strike against aftermarket is that the dealer network is typically not as large as the OEMs and you have to ship the diesel part in costing you time. If you had a diesel part installed at a dealer and it fails, you can drive right back in to a dealer and get it taken care of. The trade-off is that for on the spot warranty, the diesel part would have to have been installed at the dealer by their mechanics. That means you’re paying for this service in the form of much higher parts and labor cost.


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To sum it up, aftermarket diesel parts have come a long way in the last fifteen years. The quality is now very consistent with warranties and prices that can’t be beat. With a quality aftermarket supplier like Highway & Heavy Parts, you really can't go wrong!


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Originally Posted May 2, 2017; Edited September 3, 2020