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Here at HHP, we’re pretty proud of the rebuild kits we offer. So, we’re going to use this article to brag a little bit about the rebuild kits we have to fit various Cummins ISX engines.


Types of Engine Rebuild Kits

Not all rebuilds are alike, and that’s why we won’t offer a one-size-fits-all kit. Customers can choose from three different kit levels that fit the ISX, depending on their needs. Some of the more popular options include re-ring kits and inframe rebuild kits.

Re-Ring Kits

If your pistons are still in great shape, re-rings kits are a great option. These kits will have all of the standard rebuild kit components, except for pistons. They will still come with piston rings, as you should always replace piston rings when you work inside of the cylinders. The kit is called “re-ring” because you’re putting new piston rings on your current pistons. Installing a re-ring kit can easily be done while keeping the block in the vehicle frame.

Inframe Rebuild Kits

Inframe kits are the most common rebuild kits bought. One of our best selling rebuild kits for an ISX engine is an inframe rebuild kit.

You'd want an inframe kit for a standard rebuild, one where you are not pulling the block out of the vehicle frame. It has everything needed to overhaul your engine, except a lower engine gasket set.

As an example, one of our kits has these contents:

  • (6) Piston Kits
    • (12) Retaining Rings
    • (6) Piston Pins
    • (6) Engine Piston Assembly
    • (6) Piston Ring Sets
      • (6)Top Piston Rings
      • (6) Compression Piston Rings
      • (6) Oil Piston Rings
  • (1) Main Bearing Set
  • (1) Bypass Valve Plunger
  • (6) Cylinder Liner Kits
    • (6) Liner Seals
    • (6) Cylinder Liners
  • (6) Connecting Rod CMI ISX Bearings
  • (1) Oil Pan Gasket
  • (1) Upper Engine Gasket Set
    • (1) O-Ring Seal
    • (1) O-Ring Seal
    • (1) O-Ring Seal
    • (1) Electronic Control Module
    • (1) Thermostat Housing Cover Gasket
    • (1) Thermostat Housing Gasket
    • (1) Turbocharger Gasket
    • (8) Cavity Plugs
    • (1) Camshaft Cover Seal
    • (1) Camshaft Cover Seal
    • (6) O-Ring Seals
    • (1) Exhaust Manifold Gasket
    • (4) Exhaust Manifold Gaskets
    • (1) Exhaust Manifold Gasket
    • (1) Rectangular Strip Seal
    • (1) Fuel Control Housing Gasket
    • (6) O-Ring Seals
    • (6) O-Ring Seals
    • (6) O-Ring Seals
    • (1) Cylinder Head ISX Gasket
    • (1) Flange Gasket
    • (6) O-Ring Seals
    • (6) Injector O-Ring Seals
    • (1) Grommet Seal
    • (1) Connection Gasket
    • (1) Camshaft Cover Gasket
    • (1) Camshaft Cover Gasket

Most ISX inframe kits will have these same general contents. Specific parts may change, though, depending on what your engine serial number calls for.


Features of the Engine Rebuild Kits for Cummins ISX

We offer the current generation of piston design. The pistons are forged steel, rather than cast, giving them superior strength to handle whatever your engine throws at them. These forged pistons also have an improved skirt profile and oil plate retention. The piston rings also feature a coating that improves performance and oil control.

The cylinder liners of the ISX kits HHP offers feature an induction-hardened plateau honed finish. This means you get the cylinder liners at the optimum hone, and the break-in after rebuild should result in fewer metal particles getting into your oil. This also means you should start off your newly-rebuilt engine with better sealing capability.

We also offer Anti-Polishing Ring (APR) Liners. It's important to note that these liners are not interchangeable with previous cylinder liner types, and apply to ISX15 Tier 4 XPI, single cam engine models. These liners feature a removable, integrated carbon scraper ring at the top of the cylinder liner. This ring prevents carbon from coming into contact with the cylinder walls. When the piston builds up with carbon, carbon contacts the cylinder walls, which polishes the cylinder liner. Polished cylinder liners lead to oil consumption, DPF regeneration, and decreased oil filter flow.

We're here to help make sure you get the right rebuild kit for your ISX engine—or any diesel engine part you might need. Call our certified techs at 844-304-7688, or you can request a quote online.

Originally posted July 12, 2017, Updated March 7, 2019