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How to Find a Navistar Engine Serial Number

The engine serial number for Navistar engines can be found stamped on a pad on the block. Navistar keeps the location pretty simple. For engines that were built before the year 2000, that pad can be found on the left side of the block, just under the head to block parting line. For engines newer than that, the pad is on the right side of the block, between the oil cooler and the top of the block.

For most Navistar engines that were built after 1993, you will need more than just the engine serial number as well. You will also need the engine model, model year, horsepower rating, and torque rating, which can all be found on the emission label. The emission label can be found on the top of the rocker cover or intake manifold.

Navistar Engine Serial Number Format

Navistar uses a standard format for their engine serial numbers, which are incredibly helpful for giving information about the engine.

  • The first three (or four, in some cases) digits indicate the engine model. For example, “466” or “570H.”
  • The number after the engine model indicates the configuration; “B” is for turbo JWAC, “D” is for naturally aspirated, “G” is for turbo air to air, “H” is for HEUI, and “T” is for turbo engines.
  • The next number and letter combination indicates the application; “A2” means a service vehicle and “M2” means a truck.
  • The next letter will be the same for all, and is a “U,” which indicates that the country of origin is the United States.
  • The last seven digits indicate the unit number, which is the part that will be different for each different engine.
  • Highway and Heavy Parts | Inputting Your Navistar ESN When Buying a Part

    The Importance of Your Navistar Engine Serial Number

    Engine serial numbers are incredibly important when you have a heavy duty diesel engine. If you have a heavy duty diesel engine, you probably already know that they don’t follow the Make-Model-Year formula that automotive engines do. An engine that’s a particular model is not guaranteed to be exactly the same as another engine of that same model. Engine serial numbers are a surefire way to get a list of the exact parts that are in your engine.

    When you’re working on your engine and you go to order parts, we’ll need to know your ESN so we can get that list of parts in your engine. This will guarantee that we get you the right stuff. The only additional thing we would need to know is if you have oversized bearings, or have otherwise changed the engine specifications, as that would not be accounted for in the ESN.

    If you’re ordering your parts over the phone, you can just tell your salesperson your ESN. If you’re ordering online, you will see that some product pages have a field underneath the price where you can input your engine serial number when placing an order. If this field exists on a page, we will need your ESN. Even if you don’t supply it when placing the order, you’ll still probably get a call or email from us asking for it. So, to get your order processed without delays, be sure to input it when you order.

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