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Do you ever stop and think about where our things come from? Not how they're made or grown, but how they literally arrive for our consumption. If you're in the diesel industry, you probably already know the answer to that questiondiesel engines. Diesel tractors harvest our food, diesel trucks bring goods to stores, even our online purchases are shipped using diesel. So why does it seem that this important industry doesn't receive the recognition it deserves? There is no simple answer to that, but there's no denying the huge impact diesel has on modern America. An end to diesel transportation would truly mean the end of the world as we currently know it.

The Domino Effect of Diesel

Food shortages abound. Illness runs rampant. Clean water is scarce, and waste surrounds us. Closed factories and businesses are the only sign of our once flourishing economy. This might sound like something straight from the opening scenes of a movie, but in reality, all these things could be triggered by one act: the end of diesel shipping in America. It might still seem like an exaggeration, but diesel's impact in nearly every industry makes it more of a reality than you might think. So what would actually happen if trucking suddenly stops? The American Trucking Associations (ATA) conducted a study to find out just that.

Their findings conclude that nearly every major industry in the country would be negatively impacted: food, healthcare, transportation, waste, retail, manufacturing, and finance. And yet, they go on to point out, when a disaster strikes or a major security risk threatens our nation, it seems almost a given that trucking shipments are majorly rerouted or stopped altogether.

While the safety concerns are valid, it does seem that delaying or stopping shipments causes significantly more damage than it helps. Not only does it cause supply shortages and public panic, but the economic impact can be disastrous as well. This is not just an assumption. Past trucking delays due to natural disasters and national security threats have proven that when shipments stop, businesses and people suffer.

Without diesel trucks running, businesses and manufacturers may be forced to halt normal operations, causing monetary losses that can hinder them for years to come. published an article that dives more deeply into the impact the trucking industry has on our overall economic health.

And it's not just the economy that suffers. People's health and well-being is put at risk when trucking stops, particularly if shipments of important relief supplies cannot reach a disaster stricken area. No one wants to purposefully endanger the lives of the people, but by preventing these supplies from reaching the areas most in need, officials calling the shots in these situations might cause even more lives to be lost.

Within 24 Hours:

  • Hospitals will almost immediately run out of supplies, especially those needing same day delivery
  • Hospitals and nursing homes begin to run out of food
  • Assembly lines will shut down due to lack of supplies, causing profit loss and wage loss

1-2 days:

  • Food shortages will begin, worsening significantly by day 3
  • Gas stations will run out of fuel without the necessary frequent deliveries
  • ATM cash stock will run out without deliveries

Several days:

  • Waste begins to pile up without removal services or deliveries to waste facilities

Several weeks:

  • Clean water supplies run out
  • Pharmacy stock runs out

Other effects:

  • News coverage may increase public panic, leading to faster depletion of supplies from stores
  • Most forms of travel will be disrupted without fuel supplies
  • People may be unable to go to work or other important places due to the gas shortage, creating further economic hardships
  • Increased waste becomes a health hazard, stretching already scarce medical supplies even thinner
  • Banks will not be able to deliver important documents and therefore will no longer be able to conduct transactions

All in all, to keep America running normally, it's vital that the diesel trucks continue to operate.

The below graphic summarizes some of the major impacts a diesel shutdown would have on America's industries:

The Diesel Impact Page 1 | Highway & Heavy Parts The Diesel Impact Page 2 | Highway & Heavy Parts
The data in the above graphic is summarized from the ATA study. Download a copy here.

Through these statistics, it's easy to see just how completely diesel engines have become irreplaceable in the current structure of our country. And the need for diesel trucks is only growing as we move forward. This all begs the question; what are we doing to help one of our country's most valuable resourcesthe diesel engine?

Where are we now?

We live in a world of online shopping and instant gratification. But to get our products where we want them, when we want themnowwe rely on trucks to ship them to us. Goods are moving around the country at enormous rates, and someone has to get them to where they need to be. This has created a growing diesel market, rather than a declining one, as some projected would happen. HHP created the video below, which talks more about the growing market and some of the things we are doing to support this demand for an increase in diesels on the road.

The Diesel Impact | Highway and Heavy Parts
You can also check out our other videos at Highway and Heavy Parts' YouTube page .

And yet, even as the diesel market grows, so too does the cost of keeping diesels on the road. With the different emissions levels, the expense of operation continues to increase. This, combined with the shortage of drivers and skilled techs, creates a real hardship on the industry as a whole.

That's where quality comes in. By installing quality parts, you can save money now, by keeping your truck running at optimal performance, and later, as quality parts last longer, saving on future repair costs. And this quality doesn't only come from OEMs. For more information on OEM vs. aftermarket, read our previous post Are the OEM Rebuild Kits Worth It? Aftermarket parts can match, and sometimes improve on, the quality of those OEM parts. This, too, helps to offset those rising expenses.

As the video states, we push for the quality in the market, not only ourselves, but our vendors as well. People deserve the best parts for their engines, and it's important to find the right supplier to help ensure you get the best. Don't let inferior parts be the reason America comes to a halt!

There's no denying the importance of diesel in our daily lives. The numbers don't liewithout diesel trucks, generators, trains, or automotive, we'd cease to be the America we know and love. Diesel keeps America running! As a vital part of the fabric of our society, make sure your rigs are running in peak condition. Our skilled technicians are ready to help you with your engine needs at 844-215-3406, or you can request a quote online.