OEM vs. Aftermarket Diesel Camshafts

Cummins ISX/QSX Valve Camshaft, New | Highway and Heavy Parts

So you're looking for a new camshaft. Maybe you think an OEM part is the only way to go. Maybe you've heard horror stories of inferior aftermarket parts breaking when you need them the most and costing you even more in additional repairs. Well, let us dispel some of those myths.

There's No Need to Pay More

Why are OEMs more expensive? Essentially, because they can bethey're the name brand and they know people will pay for their products. More often than not, though, you're just paying for the name rather than a guarantee of superior quality parts. In fact, our parts are made to meet or exceed OEM specifications, but cost you up to 50% percent less.

Take this camshaft, for example. It's a valve camshaft for the popular Cummins ISX/QSX engine. By buying this quality aftermarket part from HHP, you'll only pay $937.50, but the same part from the OEM can cost you as much as $1,800. Why would you want to pay twice as much for a part, when you could get one for much less that performs the same, if not better, than the more expensive option? You can take a look at our selection of competitively priced camshafts to see how you can save money by buying quality aftermarket.

WarrantiesJust in Case

As we all know, price is only one consideration when shopping for new parts. You also want to know what will happen if, for some reason, the part doesn't function as promised, that someone has your back.

There are quite a few myths circulating about aftermarket warranties, like that aftermarket suppliers offer inferior parts with no warranty, just to keep costs down. At HHP, that just isn't the case. In fact, many of our parts come with a 2-year warranty. That's how confident our suppliers are in their parts. Oftentimes, not even the OEM will offer a warranty that good.

The Quality Standards You Demand

One of the biggest arguments people make in favor of OEM parts is qualityin their eyes, if it comes from the original manufacturer, it must work the best in their engine. This just isn't the case anymore.

In many instances, the OEMs don't even make their own parts anymore, instead hiring a third party facility to do it for them. Often, these facilities also make the aftermarket partsthe exact same way they do for the OEMs. This means that not only are you getting a part of equal or better quality, there's a good chance you're getting the exact same part the OEM would provide. Not only that, but in some cases, an aftermarket manufacturer may have even made improvements to the original design that allow it to function better in your engine. So you can get the same quality, better function, and a lower price with quality aftermarket!

If that's not enough, a large number of our quality camshafts are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities. This means they follow a set of strict policies for manufacturing that ensures each part is consistent in quality.

Our camshafts are no exception to this quality standard. Made from materials like chilled cast iron, alloy steel, and billet steel, the camshafts we sell are durable, made to go the distance.

Ultimately, it's up to you to decide whether to buy an aftermarket camshaft or OEM. Its our belief, though, that once you give our quality aftermarket camshafts a try, you'll never think about OEMs again. Check out our Camshaft Buying Guide for more information on how to choose the right camshaft for you.

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