OEM vs. Aftermarket Cylinder Heads


We've talked about it before—OEM parts are simply more expensive than their aftermarket counterparts, and this holds true for cylinder heads as well. There are many reasons why this might be, but none of them seem legitimate. In fact, we can think of multiple reasons why this shouldn't happen. Read and see exactly how OEMs are overcharging for the same parts. You might be surprised.


OEMs Sneak in Used Components

If you buy a part labeled "new", you expect it to be completely new, right? Unfortunately, the OEMs don't agree with that logic. Rather than just giving you all new components, they will reuse as many parts as they can in order to save money. But they don't pass that savings on to you. Instead, they charge you more for those used parts than a quality aftermarket supplier like HHP would. That doesn't seem right to us. In fact, we made a video about this exact issue.

Not only do we charge less for our cylinder heads, we make sure you get all new components, including valves, guides, springs, keepers, retainers, injector cups, and cam bearings if they're required. This is true of our remanufactured heads as well. We use new components because we know that's what it takes for your engine to keep running for miles to come. Don't risk your engine on used parts—try a quality aftermarket supplier that gives you the best.


Don't Pay More Than You Have To

As we’ve mentioned, a cylinder head from the OEM will cost you more money. But wouldn't you rather hold on to your cash? At HHP, our parts are made to meet or exceed OEM specifications, but you'll pay up to 50% less. That doesn't sound like a hard decision to us!

Plus, most of our parts come with a warranty that is twice as long as the one you get with the OEM. And what do you get for the extra money at the OEM? Their well-known name stamped on the package. That's not what we'd want to spend our money on.


But What About Quality?

So you're probably thinking that with such great prices, our cylinder heads are probably just like those other aftermarket parts that break as soon as you take them out of the box. But that's just not the case. We offer a wide selection of both new and remanned cylinder heads made to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

And the OEMs don't have a monopoly on quality. Actually, the OEMs don't even make their own parts a lot of the time any more. They're contracted out to other manufacturers, who, believe it or not, also provide us with the parts—the exact same ones the OEMs get. So a lot of the time you're getting the same part from us as you'd get from them, just for significantly less money. In fact, that's why we believe the term "genuine OEM" is now obsolete.

If you still have questions about aftermarket cylinder heads, or buying a head in general, take a look at our buying guide.We put together some useful information for you to consider as you shop.

You can also request a quote online for your specific engine needs, or give us a call at 844-304-7688 to speak with one of our certified techs.