Profit Boosting Boot Camp: HHP White Paper

Profit Boosting Boot Camp White Paper | Highway & Heavy Parts

Today we're bringing the entire Profit Boosting Boot Camp together! We've spent the last few weeks discussing various metrics you can measure to help you boost your overall profits. We've covered: closing ratio, average order value, overall gross profit margin, gross profit margin on parts, gross profit margin on labor, net profit margin, posted labor rate, effective labor rate, productivity, and efficiency. Knowing and tracking these metrics can help you grow your business!

At HHP, we want to help your business flourish—and that's the purpose of this white paper. We aim to aid you as you grow your repair shop to be its most profitable, and part of that is knowing which metrics to track to ensure you're getting the most out of everything you put into your shop.

Please feel free to download this white paper, RSVP Profit Boosting Boot Camp, to help you plan for the future of your repair shop. We hope you find it useful!

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