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How a Website Can Grow Your Diesel Repair Shop

mobile devices website for repair shopThe internet has swiftly invaded the way we interact in our everyday lives. Most people access the internet daily now, for shopping, news, social media, and entertainment. It only makes sense, then, to catch the attention of the potential customers, that your diesel engine repair shop have a web presence as well.

In fact, if you think about it, if you're not online, you're basically invisible. Sure, your loyal customers know where to find you, and you might have some success with other kinds of local marketing, but when it comes to drawing in potential customers, they can't even find you. And not only are they just potential customers—they're ideal. If they're looking online for repair shops, odds are they need a repair now.

So don't miss out on this huge market section simply because you don't think you have enough time to manage a website, or because you think your site from 10 years ago is doing just fine (it likely isn't). Help people find your shop and watch your profits increase!


So Why Do You Need a Website?

Like I mentioned above, having a website isn't just about advertising your shop online. It does that, yes, but with it you can also reach a wider audience, better share the message of your shop, and explain to the customers and potential customers the kinds of repairs and prices you have.

A lot of people use the internet to read reviews, compare prices, and ultimately decide on where they want to take their vehicle. Your website gives you a way to answer some of those questions before they're even asked. It can win business without you ever truly having to interact with someone. That's why the design and presentation of your website is so important.

And, as far as marketing goes, your website is something that's much easier to measure. You can track its reach, as well as leads generated from it. For more information on why you need to measure your marketing efforts, check out our blog post.



How you present your shop to the world plays a big role in the types of customers you bring in. This extends to your website. It doesn't have to be something big and complicated, especially if you are managing it yourself. You want to make sure, though, that it is clear and easy to operate. All relevant information, like your contact number, hours of operation, and address, should be in plain view, in case the customer wants to call with any questions. Overall, it should feel professional and give your potential customers a sense of trust in your brand before they even set foot in your shop.

The site shouldn't feel sterile, though. While it needs to be clean and professional, it should still reflect who your diesel repair shop is as a brand. You'll want your logo to be featured prominently on the site, so the customers have no doubt about whose page they are on. You'll also want to be consistent with your brand's colors and font, creating continuity across the site. Do you have a company slogan? That's another way to help keep the branding consistent on your website.

Not only should your site include how to contact you and what repairs you offer, but it should also give your customers a sense of what sets you apart from your competitors. Do you have the most qualified technicians? Maybe include profiles of them so customers can begin to get a sense of why they should trust your shop. Are you particularly proud of your waiting area or shop layout? Maybe include photos of the facility to show it off. Little things like this can help give you an edge over the competition.

You might also consider including a contact form or request a quote button as a way for customers to reach out to you. Not only does this make things easier for them, but it also gives you their information, which you can use to follow up with them, or email them special offers. Keeping them engaged in this way helps increase the likelihood that they will become customers.


Reaching the Customer

At first it may seem that a website is a strategy for businesses who don't rely on proximity to make sales. But a website can actually help you better reach customers in your area. How often have you found yourself searching for "restaurants near me" to see your dinner options? Well, people do that when they're looking for repairs as well. You want your shop to show up on the list of options that Google gives them, and it can't really do that if you don't have a web presence. Or, even if your shop does show up on the listing, a lot of customers might pass you over because they can't find any other information about your shop to prove that you are an actual business. By having a website, then, you're actually more likely to reach the customers in your area who are looking for a repair for their diesel engine.

It's also more likely that you'll be able to attract business from people who are just passing through the area. If an operator's truck breaks down on the highway in the middle of his route, he probably won't be able to wait to go to his usual repair shop. Instead, he'll turn to the internet to find the best repair shop near him to help get him up and running again. You want to be that shop.

So make sure your website is functional and easily read by Google and other search engines. If your hours and contact information are readily available on your home page, Google has an easier time creating a listing for you. Similarly, you want to make sure that any listings on Yelp or similar sites are accurate and up-to-date, to increase your chances of earning that business.


Ease of Use

This is where the age of your website really comes into play. If you're still running your original site from 10+ years ago, odds are it isn't the easiest thing to navigate, nor does it include all the information your customers will want to see. The internet has changed drastically since then, and your site should change, too.

One of the biggest issues with a site that hasn't been updated is the fact that it's probably not properly optimized to show up properly on search engine result pages. Google, for example, has begun to emphasize sites with good mobile capabilities, giving them better positioning on the results pages. If your site doesn't function well on mobile devices, it can really hurt your chance of showing up on the first page of results. Most people never click on to page two.

In fact, according to Statista, 72% of mobile users use their devices to access the internet. That's a lot of people! So you want to make sure that you're site is up-to-date and providing good functionality for both desktop and mobile users.


You Can Have Better Control of Your Marketing Message

By fully utilizing the capabilities of a website and other internet marketing avenues, you can better control the message spread about your shop. Without any kind of internet presence that you control, you're at the mercy of what people say about you. By more actively managing your site and overall presence, you have a better route to get the message out you actually want people to know. You can also respond to negative reviews, hopefully resolving them, but if not, at least showing other customer that you try to provide them with the best experience possible and work to resolve any issues.


So overall, using a website to market your diesel repair shop can help you increase your customer base, which in turn leads to more profits for your business.

For other ways to help increase your business, take a look at our Repair Shop Value Program to see what it can do for your shop!