Yanmar Engine Serial Number

Finding Engine Serial Number Magnifying Lens

Originally founded in Japan in 1912, Yanmar is now a global company, spanning across Europe and America. Although they began by producing gasoline engines, the company now specializes in diesel engines, with a particular focus on marine applications, but they manufacture engines for agriculture and industrial machines as well. This happened after their successful manufacturing of the first truly usable small diesel engine in the 1930's.

This diversity in its product offerings can make it difficult to find your engine serial number, as it's not consistent the different applications. We're here to help make the process a little easier.


Understanding Your Yanmar Numbers

Both the serial number and the engine model can be found on the identification plate. For this particular brand, it is actually the engine model that gives us the most information about your specific application. It tells you the amount of cylinders in the engine, whether or not it has a turbo, and its bore size. The ones we most frequently deal with include:

  • 3TNE84/3TNE84T
  • 4TNE84
  • TK486
  • 3TNE88
  • 4TNE88
  • 4TNE94
  • 4TNE98 (direct injection)
  • 4TNE98 (indirect injection)
  • 4TNE106D
  • 4TNE106T
  • 3TNV84
  • 4TNV84
  • 4TNV84T
  • TK486V
  • 3TNV88
  • 4TNV88
  • 4TNV94L
  • 4TNV98
  • 4TNV98T
  • 4TNV106/4TNV106T

Along with this number, which we can use to identify your specific engine application, it's useful to have the machine model number. This will help with identification to make sure you're ordering parts that will actually work on your engine.


Where to Find Your Numbers

Like with many other engine manufacturers, there is little consistency to how and where Yanmar identification plates are located on the engine. It can depend on whether it's a marine or industrial application, or by the engine model itself. There are some places where they are commonly, found, though, which would be good places for you to start looking.

First, the identification plate is sometimes a metal plate that is attached to the engine with rivets, and sometimes it's just an adhesive label that's stuck on. Whichever way it's attached, it could show up on the engine block itself, or it might be found on the rocker cover. It's hard to say for sure where it will be without looking at your specific engine.


Why It's Important to Have These Numbers

Knowing your Yanmar engine model number helps us make sure you're getting the right parts for your engine. Each engine needs different parts, so it's almost impossible to shop for them without accurate information about yours specifically. Otherwise, you'll be wasting a lot of time ordering parts that don't fit and having to send them back. You might be able to get away with using the same part number as the old part you're replacing, but if you want to be absolutely sure everything you're ordering is correct, make sure you have your engine serial number. Or, in this case, your engine model number.

Whether you call in to us, or order online, odds are we're going to ask you for your engine identification numbers. This helps to process your order more quickly, as well as to make sure everything in your order is going to work on your engine. Each engine is unique, so make sure you're doing everything you can to keep your running like it did when it first came off the assembly line.


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