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Mack engines have long meant durability and strengthjust look at their bulldog mascot. They were founded in 1900, originally as the Mack Brothers Company. They are now owned by Volvo, but through their long history they've produced engines that remain popular with many operators.

But even though they're built to last, there are times when you'll need to purchase replacement parts for your Mack engine. And when you do, you'll need to have some identification numbers ready to help ensure you get the right parts for your diesel engine. So we're going to go through some information that might be useful to you as you shop.


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What are the Mack Model Designation Meanings?

The engine model designation meanings have changed slightly through Mack's history, so the exact definition depends on if you have an older or newer model. For example, the letters for an early model mean the following:

  • E: Mack Diesel Engine
  • D: Derated Version of Engine
  • T: Turbocharged
  • B: Mack Dynatard Engine Brake
  • A: Single Stage Aftercooler
  • S: Two Stage Aftercooler
  • EN: Engine
  • END: Naturally Aspirated Diesel
  • ENDT: Turbocharged Diesel
  • ENDTB: Turbocharged Diesel with Engine Brake
  • ENDL: Lightweight Version of END
  • ENDLT: Lightweight Version of ENDT

These prefixes would also include an emission standard designator (Z, Y, or X), followed by numbers that tell the cubic inch displacement.

The newer engines have a simpler system of setting up the engine model designator. There are three prefix letters:

  • E: Mack Turbocharged Diesel Engine
  • M: Maxidyne Engine
  • C: California Certified

Three prefix numbers:

  • 6: 672 Cubic Inch
  • 7: 728 Cubic Inch
  • 9: 998 Cubic Inch

This is followed by three digits that indicate horsepower, and then there can be a suffix letter (L or R) that points to the engine speed.


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Where are my Mack engine numbers located?

When you call in for parts, though, it's not enough to know the engine model designator number. You still might end up getting incorrect parts. For Mack engines, there are two things we typically ask customers for to help us ensure they're ordering the right partsyour engine serial number or your VIN number.

The most popular Mack engine serial number we deal with begins with "11GBA" and is followed by a string of 6 numbers and letters that help make it distinct. This number can usually be found on your engine information plate. The location of this plate varies from engine model to engine model, but it can often be found behind the fuel injection pump or on the valve cover. The number should be etched on, not cast, as it should be unique to your engine. If you're looking for more general information, read our blog on diesel engine serial numbers.

If you are unable to locate your engine serial number, we can also use your 17 digit VIN number to help get you the right parts. If this is not on the engine information plate, it can usually be found stamped into the frame. Usually its on the passenger side, but it's not always consistent.


Why is my Mack ESN important?

Having one or both of these numbers handy when you order parts is critical to making sure you're getting the right ones the first time you call. That's because you can't always assume that parts that work on one engine will work on another, even if it is the same engine. Your engine serial number tells us a lot of information about your engine and its specifications. By using that number, our techs can look up exactly what parts will fit your Mack engine.

Even if you're ordering parts online you need to have your engine serial number. Some product pages have a box that asks you to input this number, which allows us to process your order faster. Otherwise, one of our techs will contact you for it to ensure we get you the right parts for you engine. This helps avoid the hassle of having to return and order a different part.


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Originally Posted March 12, 2019; Edited August 30, 2019