HHP Spotlight: About PurePower Diesel Engine Fuel Injectors


As I'm sure you know, fuel injectors serve a critical function in your engine. They give you everything you want—economy and performance. So, if your fuel injector starts to go bad, you know it's important to address the issue right away. Here at HHP, we now have a full line of fuel injectors from PurePower Technologies available for your Ford and Navistar applications. These injectors were previously only available to the OEM, but now you can get them here at Highway & Heavy Parts. Not sure if you need new fuel injectors? Our video goes into the benefits of the PurePower line of injectors. Read more to find out if these injectors are a good fit for your engine!



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About Fuel Injectors


Because the injector is responppt-fuel-injector-3sible for pressurizing the fuel and injecting it into the combustion chamber, it is an understandably complex part of your diesel engine. It's all about timing. The injector needs to be perfectly timed for maximum power. This has led to the manufacturing of multiple kinds of injectors to help improve the process. You can read more about two of the most popular types—common rail and unit injectors—in our past blog.


So, in short, the fuel injector functions as the primary fuel delivery system in your engine. It's what atomizes the fuel going into the combustion chamber. The injectors mix the fuel with air and release it into the chamber as a high pressure spray. Wonder why that's important? It's this process that gives you the fuel economy and power that you want out of your vehicle.


Fuel Injector Problems


Have you noticed excessive smoke? Low power? Poor fuel economy? These signs might mean that your fuel injector is starting to go bad. Check out these common signs of fuel injector failure.


Normally, your injectors help you achieve great fuel economy and engine power, but when they're not working right, this efficiency will likely decrease. You'll also want to keep an eye out for engine misfires, rough idle or engine performance, excessive exhaust smoke, or engine knocking, as these could also indicate that something is going wrong with your diesel injectors.


Any of the following problems could be the reason your injectors fail. Be sure to watch out for:


  • Air or water in the fuel system
  • Secondary damage from another engine failure
  • Age or wear
  • Clogs
  • Cracks
  • Leaks from busted seals
  • Other Leaks
  • Failure of internal components
  • Blown injector tip
  • Poor timing


Our past blog can help you identify your faulty injector so it can be replaced.


About PurePower Injectors



Injectors from PurePower are going to come with all the benefits you want to ensure your engine runs at its best. These injectors are going to come with a 15-month unlimited mile warranty on them. And they have less than two-tenths of a percent warranty rate. That's right—not two percent, two-tenths of a percent. That's a quality injector!


These injectors boast such a high success rate because of the quality of the testing they're put through. All remanned assemblies and production testing are conducted using OEM manufacturing equipment. They're assembled in a certified 100,000 cleanroom using original process equipment, advanced end of line checks, delivery, leakage, and opening characteristics to provide you with the highest quality product.


Our PurePower HEUI injectors feature the latest design fixes. They're going to have improved end caps with the cold start fix and they're going to have precision machined spool and control valve that'll eliminate leakage, giving you the best performance available on a HEUI injector. The intensifier body and plunger are matched to eliminate fuel dilution. And of course, the injectors are going to be tested for nozzle flow, nozzle leakage, and needle lift. 100% of the O-rings, hardware, and springs are going to be replaced in this injector. You want quality? We've got it!


Is your truck low on power? Lacking fuel economy? Or maybe your crankcase is overfull and diluted with fuel leakage. If so, you're probably looking for some new injectors. We've got 'em here at Highway and Heavy Parts!

Need fuel injector help? Our certified techs are here for you! Call us at 844-304-7688. Or you can request a quote online.

Edited August 15, 2019