HHP Spotlight: About PurePower Diesel Air Management Systems


Ever wonder about your EGR valve? What makes it so important to your engine's function? We're going to talk a little bit about EGR valves, and introduce you to our line of EGR valves from PurePower Technologies for your Maxxforce Navistar engines. Check out our video to learn more!

About the EGR Valve


The EGR valve plays a critical role in the amount of emissions your engine produces. It's basic function is to allow exhaust back into the intake to control the combustion temperatures, which keeps your NOx  levels, or the emissions from your engine, at a proper level to comply with regulations.


If you're interested in the regulations governing NOx  emissions, we discuss it briefly in our blog on the difference between the Cummins N14 and ISX.

The below graphic details the exhaust gas recirculation process:


Exhaust Gas Recirculation Process Flow Chart


Essentially, the exhaust gas is recirculated (which is where the name EGR comes from), cooled, mixed with fresh air from the turbo to become charge air for combustion, and then enters the combustion cylinder. This recirculation is what cuts down on the amount of NOx emissions released into the air. Because of its vital function, you want your EGR valve to be working at its best. So how do you know if it's not?


Troubleshooting Your EGR Valve


Have you been noticing more exhaust smoke? Or maybe you're experiencing poor fuel economy? Do you have a check engine light on related to your EGR valve? These are all signs of a malfunctioning EGR valveyou'll likely have low power, excessive smoke, and, most likely, excessive emissions.

There are a couple of things that can happen to cause these problems. You could have an electric motor failure. You might also be experiencing electrical connection failure. It's also possible that you have excessive carbon buildup in the EGR valve, due to the harsh environment it lives in.

If you're noticing any of these problems, it's important to check them out, as it affects not only the harmful emissions from your diesel engine, but it also could cost you money, since your application won't be operating at its peak. This leads to higher fuel costs for you.


Benefits of PurePower


Wondering how an EGR valve from the line of PurePower Technologies could benefit you? Well, these valves are built to meet or exceed OE specs. You don't have to worry about quality with them!


Even if something should happen, they stand behind these EGR valves! They come with a 15-month unlimited mile warranty. And you get them at 30-50% off retail pricing. Combine that with a brushless motor and you've got an EGR valve that won't let you down!


If your EGR valve is giving you problems, we've got the products to solve 'em and get you where you want to beback on the road!


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Looking for an EGR valve or other component for your air intake & exhaust system? We can help you find the right parts for your diesel engine! Call our certified techs at 844-304-7688. Or, request a quote online.