HHP Spotlight: Jrone Turbochargers

If you're like us, you want more power in your engine! Your turbocharger is what helps you accomplish this, so you want to make sure that you have the best parts in your engine. (You can learn more about how turbochargers work in our general guide.) 

We're excited to introduce you to this line of turbochargers from Jrone, now carried by HHP! These turbos mean quality! Read on for more information and you can watch our video to learn more.




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Here's the Details


Just to give you an idea of what you're going to get with this turbochargerit's a brand new turbo, never been on an engine, not a reman. You don't even have to send a core back on it. That's the beauty of a brand new turbocharger. 

Included with these turbochargers is the actual Turbo Technics VSR turbo balance sheet. When's the last time you bought a turbocharger and it actually came with the balance sheet from when the turbo was built? It's pretty unprecedented. We've seen a lot of turbos and haven't seen that before. It comes with the Jrone product.

Also included is the installation manual, a pair of gloves to put it on with, a complete gasket set, turbo mounting, turbo drain, turbo feed gasket, as well as a syringe to prelube the turbo before you start it up. This new turbo is also going to come with a 1-year warranty.


Installing Your Turbo

Wondering what it takes to install your new turbocharger? We've come up with a few tips:



First, you should prelube your turbo with clean oil to ensure that all parts are well lubricated before startup. To do this, add your clean oil to the oil inlet and hand turn the shaft. Use the manufacturer specified oil.

Make sure that you're keeping your turbo as clean as possible as you work on installation. Even a small amount of dirt can cause extreme damage.

Check the oil passages and change your oil filter. A clean oil filter can prevent obstructive buildup that and ensure your turbo is proper lubricated. 

Using new components, like your gaskets and o-rings, will help prevent leaks.

Your oil outlet should be verticalup to around 20 degrees from vertical.

Something else that helps prevent leaks is ensuring that your hoses and connections are torqued and connected correctly. 

To achieve correct oil pressure, allow your engine to idle for several  minutes. 

As always, when installing components on your engine, be sure to refer to exact manufacturer instructions. For a more in depth look at these tips, check out our past blog post.


If you're concerned about your turbocharger lasting, here are some ways to help keep it healthy.

Here at HHP we're proud to bring you the best parts in the aftermarketthe best quality for the best price to help make your business more profitable. This includes our new offering of Jrone turbos.

Still curious about these turbos? Our certified techs can help you with these or any of our other products! Call us today at 844-304-7688. Or request a quote online!

Originally Posted June 4, 2019; Edited July 29, 2019