8 Basic Ways to Market Your Diesel Repair Shop Online

We've mentioned it beforeif you're not utilizing the internet in your marketing strategy, then you're missing out on great opportunities to grow your business. In fact, we spent an entire post discussing why a website is vital to the success of your marketing efforts. Print is well and goodand it still worksbut the internet gets you in front of a lot more people, giving you more customer conversion opportunities.laptop-online-marketing 

The internet allows you to reach people who otherwise might not have known about your shop, and offers you even more control over your branding. From social media to paid ads, you have the ability to plaster your logo and brand all over the screens of potential customers. You can make it so that yours is the first name that pops into their minds when they think of diesel repair.

Now we've come up with 8 ways to use the internet to market your diesel repair shop and bring customers through your door. Read on to learn these important strategies!

1. Your Website

We're starting with perhaps the most obvious. Your website is the basis of your internet marketing strategy. We go more into more depth on this in our previous post in this series, but essentially, it provides potential customers with all the information they need about your shop. You should post your hours, the kinds of services you offer, as well as any other information that makes your shop stand out from the competition. 

It's important that your website be consistent with the rest of your branding (read more about branding your repair shop here), so that your presenting your customer with a unified face that makes them remember you more easily. 

Your website should be clean and logically laid out (if you haven't updated the layout in recent years, you might want to consider doing so! It helps with user experience.) It doesn't have to be anything overly complicated. Just make sure that information like your hours, location, and and contact information are easy to find and that it has a clear navigation.

Your shop's website can function as the number one online touch point for web visitors. Your ads should direct people back to your website, as should your social media pages. It's the hub that controls your online branding.

2. Social Media

It should come as no surprise that social media made the list. Now it's strange to find someone who isn't on social media. So if your shop doesn't have any social media pages, then you're missing a huge opportunity to reach out to potential customers. 

You don't have to just focus on selling points of your shop, either. It's a way for you to engage with your customers and potential customers. Post things related to diesel enginefunny posts, shop updates, industry news. Anything that keeps you in their mind and makes them see you as more than just a repair shop. You can foster a sense of community, all centered around your shop. And when it comes time for them to need a repair, they'll remember the name who kept showing up in their feed. 

3. Content

To really shine online, it's important to publish relevant content. Not only does this help you perform better in the search results, but it makes you look like even more of an authority in your industry. 

Think about writing a blog, or a series of short videos. You'll be engaging with potential customers and demonstrating your knowledge. This kind of content provides something of value to visitors to your website, as well as a good way to drive traffic and build brand awareness. When their looking to have their diesel truck repaired, they're more likely to go to the shop that has proven through quality content that they know what they're talking about.

4. Email

Do you have your customers' email addresses? If not, it might be a good thing to start collecting. Ask your customers if they want to be on your email list to receive notifications from your shop. You can also include opt-in option on your website to generate new leads for your shop.

You'll be able to send them updates about what's happening in the shop, as well as letting customers know when their vehicle is due in for a routine maintenance. 

There's a lot of great, easy-to-use email management programs to help you keep track of your list and send emails out. A lot of it can be automated, so you don't even have to really think about it. It's another great way to keep yourself fresh in their minds.

5. Reviews

How often do you check reviews before you buy something? A lot of people won't even consider purchasing something without ensuring that it has good reviews. Why would repair work be any different? 

Encourage your customers to leave reviews about their experience at your shop. You can have a section for this on your website, or direct them to your Google reviews. Good reviews can have a major impact on gaining new customers.

There are even business review sites you can use, but we'll talk about that in another point.

6. Location

People can't come to your shop if they can't find you! As we mentioned, it's important to make sure your address is clearly visible on your website.This not only helps your customers to see it more easily, but it helps search engines crawl the site better. Your address can then appear in the Google location box when someone searches for you, or run a search for repair shops near them. If Google can't find your address, you won't show up, and you'll likely miss out on customers.

7. Business Review Sites

As we mentioned, your business can appear on review sites whose sole purpose is compiling business reviews in one place for users. You can find industry specific ones and more general ones.

When possible, you should claim your business on these sites and make sure all the information is accurate and up-to-date. In some cases, you can even respond to reviews. You can thank people for taking the time to leave a good review, or you can address issues that might come up in more negative reviews. Try not to be combative in these responses, but genuinely try to get to the bottom of any problem. Showing potential customers that you are willing to address and resolve problems can be even more beneficial to your business than just having good reviews.

8. Ads

We've discussed advertising before, so we won't go into a ton of detail here. But another option to get your name in front of your target customer is utilizing paid ads. People will see your shop who may not have been directly searching for it. 

Nowadays, there are quite a few ways to run paid ads, including Google paid and Facebook ads. Using this, you can target what customer profile you want the system to focus on and make your ad spend go further. Using these paid ad methods also give you a lot of data to be able to track the success of your campaigns so that you know whether or not your putting your money into a strategy that's working for your shop.


So when it comes time to put your marketing strategy together, don't forget to consider the impact internet marketing can have. You might just be impressed at the increase to your bottom line!

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