HHP Spotlight: Jrone Diesel Engine Turbo Cartridges and Repair Kits

Have you been having trouble with your diesel engine turbocharger? There's a chance you might need a new onebut, depending on the failure, you also might want to consider a turbo cartridge or repair kit. 

We've talked about Jrone turbos before, and now we're going to introduce you to some of our other offerings from Jrone. So if your turbo is failing, we've got options for you!


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What is a turbo cartridge?

Along with the turbo line from Jrone, we also offer the center housing rotating assembly, or turbo cartridge. Now, the center housing rotating assembly is going to give you your turbine wheel, your compressor wheel, and your bearing housing, all VSR balanced on the Turbo Technics machine. They'll all come with a balance sheet in the bag with the center housing rotating assembly.

A center housing rotating assembly allows you to save money on your repair. You don't need to replace the whole turbo every time it fails. As long as your compressor housing and your turbine housing aren't damaged, cracked, broken, or something like that, you can take the exhaust housing off, take your compressor housing off, and bolt those to a center housing rotating assembly. This essentially gives you a brand new turbo.

This gives you the opportunity to save a bunch of money and have an equal repair when you put it back together. The center housing rotating assembly also comes with a one-year warranty and is fully VSR balanced on the Turbo Technics machine. You'll get that sheet included. It's gong to be a great way to save a few bucks and get your turbo back together. 

Not sure if your turbo repair is going to need a complete turbo or if a cartridge will do the trick?

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When would I need a turbo cartridge instead of a turbocharger?





As we mentioned, this particular line is manufactured by Jrone, who is very well known for their precision equipment, especially when it comes to turbochargers and parts availability.

The turbocharger is a very precise component in a turbo engine. It's highly balanced because it turns so fast. It can reach RPMs of 120,000, so it needs to be balanced very carefully. So if there is damage like a bent fin on either side of the turbocharger that causes an imbalance, it'll self-destruct. That would be a reason why you would want to replace the entire turbocharger. 

If a small stone or something along that line got in on the compressor side, or if a piece of the internal parts of the engine got into the exhaust side of the turbocharger, it may have caused some damage. But it generally doesn't do any damage to the housings. They are pretty robust, so they can take a little bit of grief. You'll still definitely want to inspect them before making a decision. "Well, I can just sneak a cartridge into my old housing and I should be good." Maybe. Maybe not. You want to make sure that the integrity of both housings are in good condition. If that's the case, a cartridge is the way to go.

Want to know more about when to use a turbo cartridge and when it's time to let that old turbo go? Check out our blog!


Don't forget about repair kits!





So we've taken you through our offerings from Jrone for turbos and center housing rotating assembliesbut we also have turbo repair kits!

If you have the capabilities and your turbocharger fits the bill, the repair kits are economically priced, very high quality, and are going to come with all the parts you need to reassemble your turbocharger with new bearings, thrust washers, seals, everything you need to rebuild the centers housing rotating assembly and get it back up and going. We have them available at HHP!


So whatever problem you're having with your turbocharger, we can help! We have the parts you need to repair or replace your failing turbo.

Not sure if you can use a repair kit? Need to know more about turbos or any of our other diesel engine parts? Our certified techs can help you out! Call them at 844-304-7688, or you can always request a quote online!

Originally Posted July 11, 2019; Edited July 29, 2019