HHP Spotlight: Considering Jrone for Your Diesel Engine?

How do you know that the parts you're putting in your diesel engine are quality construction? Check out our line of turbos and cartridges from Jrone Turbo System and quit worrying!




Highway & Heavy Parts is proud to be the Midwest Master Distributor for Jrone. You can learn more about the line of turbochargers we carry in our HHP Spotlight: Jrone Turbochargers.


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About Jrone 

Jrone is the leading brand in the global turbocharger market, and we're bringing their high quality products to you!

They have been a trusted supplier in the US market for over 10 years, and they're even a trusted supplier to the OE/OES markets. If that isn't a testament to their quality, we don't know what is!


About the Products




With these products, quality is the name of the game. They have been manufactured to OE specifications, so you know it'll give your diesel engine the boost you're looking for.

These turbos and cartridges have been balanced by a Turbo Technics VSR. But you don't have to take our word for ityou get the report included with your purchase! You're getting balanced, long-lasting power with these turbos and cartridges!

Put one of these turbos in your engine, and you'll be getting increased performance and efficiency. Who doesn't want that? They also come with a 12-month unlimited mile warranty, just for your peace of mind!

Designed with high-quality components and tested for maximum durability, these turbos are made to last! They're made with an aluminum compressor housing and a cast iron turbine housing. Thoroughly inspected for proper fit and function, you don't have to worry about longevity with these bad boysthey'll keep your engine running for miles to come!


What We Carry




We carry a great selection of Jrone products. From complete turbos to cartridges and repair kits, whatever your repair need, we've got you covered!

Need a turbo cartridge? This includes your turbine wheel, your compressor wheel, and your bearing housing. As long as there's no damage to your turbine or compressor housing, then this would be a good option for you to save some money on repairs. 

Maybe a repair kit is more your speed. These kits come with new bearings, thrust washers, seals, and everything else you need to rebuild your turbo's center housing rotating assembly. If your turbo doesn't need a lot of work to get it back up and running, these high quality kits are another great way to keep cash in your pocket!

For more info on cartridges and repair kits, read HHP Spotlight: Jrone Diesel Engine Turbo Cartridges and Repair Kits.

But maybe your turbo has completely failed and you need to install a new one. We've got options for these, too!

These turbos are brand newyou don't have to send in a core! You'll also be getting a complete gasket set, turbo mounting, turbo drain, turbo feed gasket, and a syringe to prelube. 

So whatever your turbo needs, we have an option for you! 


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